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You're Tom, the only male wrestler in an otherwise all-female wrestling federation. It's a strange enough situation, but, to make matters worse, the showrunner injected you with a drug that makes you shrink! You can get your size back, but only by winning your matches. Even though the shrinking drug gives you a nigh-invulnerable body (immune to cuts, burns, and piercings while able to withstand being flattened, stretched, and twisted with no real damage), it still wont be an easy task. The DWA (Dominant Women's Association) is filled with voluptuous, powerful women that know their way around a wrestling ring and are used to getting their way. Inside the ring, backstage, and even in-between matches, every woman here is ready to take you on and dominate you with all they've got. Heck, some might even claim you as their "victory prize" or "training dummy" and take you home with them, to have their way with you behind closed doors. Will you defy all odds and become the league's #1 champ, restoring your size in the process, or will you just wind up as the world's smallest jobber instead?

Update 4/24/17- New story detail:
Quickly deciding it's not fair for you to be the only one with "powers" (and believing it'd be a great way to boost ratings), Touko decides to offer special serums to whichever wrestlers beat you in the ring, giving them even more incentive to crush you while making your life at the league all the more difficult. Now you might just have to deal with super-powered dominant wrestlers.
---Thanks to Cranko for the great suggestion, for anyone who wants to give the girls powers!

The DWA is a highly inclusive league that harbors a wide array of beautiful wrestling vixens. Featuring, but certainly not limited to, the following:

Patty Pollock (The Pink Princess)- A spoiled brat of a wrestler who likes to dress in tight pink outfits that show off her thick hourglass figure. She's one of the shortest members of the Association, but that doesn't stop her from looking down on everyone else. She often uses the ropes or some outside tools to her advantage to make up for her size.

Veronica Jones (Jezebel)- A vivacious brunette that flaunts a red latex dominatrix outfit in the ring. Between her seduction skills and her extensive knowledge of submission holds, she makes all of her opponents succumb and beg for more.

Mia Moreau (Momma Mia)- This amorous, bespectacled beauty is one of the tallest members of the Association. She likes to cuddle and tease foes with her soft curves until they surrender or pass out, lulled into submission within her soft, loving embrace.

Sammy and Tammy Lee (The Fighting Twins)- Because they had to share everything growing up, Sammy and Tammy argue a lot, over a variety of things. Sometimes they fight over who gets to fight their opponent or which sister has more adoring fans, and their opponent literally gets caught in the crossfire, smoosed between their soft, perky flesh as they furiously get in each other's faces. Sometimes they inadvertently end a match without even realizing it.

Betty Brown (Wonder Bust)- Donning a colorful leotard, Betty seeks to enforce justice in the ring, like the superheros she admires, and she does so with her most powerful weapon: her overwhelming body. She knocks out foes with her wrecking ball-like breasts or silences them under her mighty butt of justice. She's one of the nicer girls at the league but can be a bit ditzy and careless at times, and she can get carried away when she's too excited.

Svetlana Petrov (The Iron Hammer)- A large Russian powerhouse with a muscular body. She prides herself on her extremely sculpted figure, especially her boobs and butt of steel. She's a grappler that doesn't hesitate to crush weaker opponents with the copious amount of pressure she generates.

Yasmine Bishara (The Belly Dancer)- This exotic beauty befuddles opponents with her graceful movements and hypnotizes them with her seductive dancing before going in for the kill, squeezing them between her thick thighs like an alluring anaconda.

Becky Peters (The Big Bully)- A tomboy that has a surprisingly sore spot for her age, often claiming she's younger than she is while painfully silencing anyone who says otherwise. Wearing a uniform that can hardly fit her anymore, she relives her glory days of high school in the ring by bullying and teasing her opponents, just like she did her classmates and teachers. She uses her raw power to easily overwhelm, crush, and humiliate her opponents beneath her.

Valentina Williams (The Big Booty Queen)- A black beauty with arguably the biggest butt in the league. This self-proclaimed queen often likes to use her opponents as personal thrones and often gets her way by using her massive rear to her advantage, quite literally throwing her weight around.

Sadie Mae McCully (Southern Charm)- Hailing from a farm from the deep south, she's a southern beauty that's well-versed in the dynamic art of "ol'-fashioned wrassling." She's friendly but knows how to get rowdy, as she comes from a family filled with boys. Back home, whenever the boys teased her friends or made fun of her big butt, Sadie always put them in their place, silencing their smart mouths under her thick curves. She has a bad habit of forgetting her own strength, and she can be over-affectionate, often overwhelming any guys she likes with constant big smooches.

Touko Hizuki (The Showrunner)- A rich Japanese woman who founded the DWA on a whim. She has a beautiful, mature appearance coupled with a mischievous youthful energy and tends to do what she wants when she wants. Despite her dignified role, she often dresses in outrageously skimpy clothing, putting all of her curves on display, but she somehow still has the tendency to sneak up on people, like she were invisible. She does mad science as a hobby (hence your predicament), but she's truly a wrestling fan at heart. She's often tied up in boring bureaucratic responsibilities for the league, but she does like to grace the ring with her presence for special events. A longtime wrestling fan, she knows more than enough skills to handle herself in the ring.

Update 8/8/16-Two new wrestlers:

Ally Wilson (Sis Boom Bah)- She's a cheerleader that's perky as she is plump. She's slightly chubby, but most of her weight is in her breasts and butt, making her small cheer-leading outfit tight in all the right places. Despite her figure, Ally can pull off a variety of acrobatic and gymnastic maneuvers, cheering and dancing around the ring to pump up the crowd while distracting her opponent. She likes to pulverize her foes with fancy leaps, flips, and full-body presses. She is often followed around by her own personal pep squad, a troop of bubbly cheerleaders, sporting similar figures, dedicated to supporting Ally's exploits. She has a habit of getting petty whenever the spotlight isn't on her, letting her darker side come out more.

Bonnie Anne (The Red Devil)- A buxom buccaneer of a wrestler, Bonnie is known by her fiery red hair and her matching pirate outfit: skimpy clothes that show off the alluring bounty that is her figure. Bonnie has an aggressive, roguish personality and likes to take her opponents for all they're worth. She's not afraid to charm or strong-arm to get what she wants, and she loves to use her beloved, bountiful booty to take charge of any situation, often resulting in her "keelhauling" opponents beneath her. She leads her own small band of cutthroat vixens who like to help her cause mischief both inside and outside the ring.

Update 8/27/16- Two new wrestlers:

Candace Bell (Bad Teacher)- A beautiful, bespectacled wrestler dressed as a traditional, but very sexy, school teacher. Seductive as she is mature and domineering, she treats all of her opponents as naughty students that need to be taught a special lesson by her.

Leslie Hart (Nurse Smothers)- Not only is this hot nurse the head of the DWA clinic, but she's also a competitor. Her fans, patients, and even opponents are known to go gaga for her and her bedside manner, charmed by both her overwhelming TLC and her abundant T'NA. Living up to her name, she's known to make even the rowdiest of patients docile under her curves with ease. Having done it for so long, she gets especially excited whenever she gets to 'take care of' any opponents/patients that are especially weak and helpless, often getting carried away with them.

Update 9/11/16- new wrestler:

Deborah "Debbie" Sanders (Major Assets): An ex-military officer, Debbie can maneuver herself in the ring like she were in the battlefield, using everything to her advantage to get a leg up on the enemy. Stern, disciplined, and used to having her way, she loves to bark orders and gets a distinctive thrill from drilling wimpy lollygaggers into shape. Despite her stern demeanor, she's been rumored to have a playful side, one she only lets out on rare occasions. She typically wears a small green tank top with a matching military jacket, both from her old uniform, but, since her famously huge ass can't fit in her old uniform pants, she typically wears camo-colored bikini bottoms, or the largest pair of camo-colored leggings she can find, for her bottom.

Update 1/2/17- new wrestler:

Elizabeth Hart (Eliza Nigma): Elizabeth Hart, known as E. Nigma in the ring, is a former police officer and a newer addition to the DWA. She's British, Brown Hair, natural tan skin and likes being nice to her fans. She's into roleplaying and video games in her spare time. Her ass is pretty nice. She has a desire to cosplay, but hasn't acted on it yet. Her tactics depend on who or what she cosplays. She wanted to do this while she was a police officer, but didn't have the time to. Now that she can, anything's possible for her!
--Added at the request of MrTRJ. Character and description by Former182, from Darth Revan's story "Perfect Ass!"

Update 1/30/17- new wrestler:
Milly Dubois (Madame Bosomy, the French maid)- a playful French maid who can clean house both inside and outside the ring. She's infamous for her clueless, ditzy demeanor, coming across as a real klutz at times, which the crowd adores, but some of her die-hard fans theorize it's all just an elaborate act to give her opponents a false sense of security, thus allowing her to take charge in her own way. When it comes to amusing herself, she might be more of a schemer than she lets on.
--Thanks to Cranko for his great input while I was coming up with this character!

Update 2/3/17- new wrestlers:

Felicity Lyons (The Pussy Cat)- Felicity is the DWA's resident cat burglar. She is mind blowingly stealthy for her incredible size, and startlingly devious. She always wears a full body latex outfit that hugs her curves tight, serving as a distraction for her targets. When she really wants to misdirect a target's attention, she lowers the front zipper on her bodysuit, revealing a small frilly black bra that pushes up and emphasizes her enormous breasts. Whenever the Pussy Cat performs, there is a sharp uptick in inquiries at the lost and found, with fans losing track of their watches, wallets, and various pieces of jewelry. She doesn't always rely on stealth though, as she is a gifted martial artist. She uses her tools and tricks of the trade to claim whatever treasures she finds amusing. At your smaller size, that might even include you!

Jessica "Jessie" Rodriguez (Dulce Dolor/Sweet Pain)- This Hispanic wrestler is amongst the most feared women in the DWA. She stood as tall as Momma Mia, but with a much larger sadistic streak. Jessie thrived on inflicting pain on her opponents, no matter the circumstance or situation. It gave her a sense of joy, some suggested that she felt sexual pleasure when hurting her opponents. The theory started because of how she used her thick thighs, ass, breasts, and even her crotch in most of her offensive attacks. She was well known for her brutal post-match attacks. She wouldn't be a treat for your first match.
--Props to SmittySmith for the great character ideas and descriptions!

Update 1/11/18- new wrestler:

Vera Modvale (Mad Love)- Cool yet brash, temperamental yet sensual, Mad Love is a creature of passion. Clad in a skintight red and black catsuit with a loving heart-shaped cleavage window, she's sure to drive anyone wild... especially her ex-boyfriend Tom! Her ultimate driving force is her intense desire to succeed as a wrestler. She'll do anything, and we do mean aaaanything to achieve it...
--Props to Zeel1 for the awesome character idea (and, if you want to see more of his work, be sure to check out his blog:!

(Feel free to create and add your own characters anywhere in the story where you see an opening for them, and, if you want to add a description of your character onto the main page here, feel free to reach out to me about it)

To boost viewership, the DWA also sends invites to women outside of the league to participate in special exhibition matches. The invite extends to any female, real or fictional, so just about anyone could enter the ring to face you.

Since this is basically a shrunken/shrinking man story with mixed wrestling, I envision a variety of body smothering and squashing. I prefer breast and butt play, but please don't feel limited to that.

Through the use of the Showrunner's mad science, feel free to give any of the girls any fun, sexy powers you think they can use to torture/tease Tom after the beat him in the ring, such as expansion or hypnosis.

However, please keep farting to the absolute bare minimum, and no vore, scat, toilet play, or anything related to that, please.

Also, no shemale content, or anything similar, please.

Feel free to make up characters or add characters from any movie, show, or game you like. You can even add celebrities. But Tom is the only male, and the only tiny, in this M-F interaction story

Everyone is depicted as 18 and up

No killing of characters

Unless they're choice chapters, please add at least 1-2 full paragraphs to the chapter you add.

Please add and enjoy!

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