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You live in the world of Ixarim, a medieval fantasy world where humans reign. In this world monsters are violent, evil creatures that torment humans at every opportunity. Centuries ago, Anuzar, the only stable kingdom composed mostly of Monsters waged war against the human lands to conquer the world, only to ultimately be crushed and the survivors scattered to the four corners of the world.

Or so is how the humans tell the tale. As the monsters tell it, Anuzar was attacked by the humans unprovoked and destroyed without mercy with little resistance, most monsters being pacifists. The survivors fled to seek sanctuary wherever they could, in caves, forests, old ruins, on top of mountains and so forth. Either way, monsters are no more innately evil than the average human, though they are largely stronger and have other abilities.

Unfortunately for you, you are a female monster and thus must hide your presence for fear the humans will kill you.

Overview of monsters:

There are roughly 10 known species of monsters, all have at least partially humanoid forms and are mostly female with few males among them. As such, monster women used to breed with humans at times, but since the war created a gulf between the the species Monsters are struggling to keep up their numbers. Monsters are treated as little better than insects and hunted down by humans ruthlessly, despite the gentle nature most monsters have toward humans.

- Drider: A monster that appears as a normal human from the waist up while having a spiderlike body from the legs down. This monster survives off of trapping prey in it’s webs and consuming it. Driders are silent and swift despite their size, somewhere in the area of 12 feet from head to abdomen. Since the destruction of Anuzar Driders have taken to residing in forests waiting for unwary prey to happen by.

- Slime: A monster composed of slime of a color that varies from slime to slime, Slime monsters typically take on vaguely human forms but can shift to nearly any shape that they wish. Slime monsters often hunt by approaching prey and pretending to be pools of water or ordinary slime, then enveloping the prey as they approach. Because of their malleable body it is nearly impossible to kill a Slime monster by physical means, only magic is effective.

- Succubi: A monster referred to by humans as a demon. In their natural state Succubi look like human women with batlike wings, glowing irises of various colors, horns on their head, plus a long and thin tail that usually appears to end in a point but actually contains a mouth the succbui can use to consume food. While the males are called Incubi, the species is referred to as Succubi as a whole due to the prominence of females among the species. Succubi are unique among monsters as they cannot survive off of ordinary food for long, they must feed off of pleasurable feelings primarily lust from others which is usually done through sex. A Succubi can use magic to hide it’s appearance as well as invoke feelings of lust to feed, as such they tend to hide among and feed on humans, which is not dangerous to the prey unless it is excessive.

- Dragoness: A monster that appears similar to the massive dragon species long since extinct. Legends say they were the dragon creatures of old, until millennia of breeding with humans resulted in the progeny inheriting a much more humanlike appearance. Dragoness have 3 toed and clawed reptilian feet, clawed four fingered hands, a muzzle with teeth sharp enough to easily cut through stone, with reptilian eyes. Dragonesses are scaled from head to the toe, with the color once was considered a common indicator of status among the species with primarily Black or White colors denoting the nobility, but such has lost importance since the fall of Anuzar.

Dragoness are among the strongest and most resilient monster species, once the most numerous among Anuzar’s scant warrior class. Since the fall of Anuzar their ability to fly and love of heights naturally meant many took refuge in caves high up in the mountains. Despite the common human belief Dragoness do not horde gold, though many hold on to ancestral treasures passed down through the ages.

- Imp: A monster referred to by humans as a demon. Imps are beautiful yet small creatures no more than 3 feet tall with tiny batlike wings, horns on the head, and a long tail. With innate ability in fire magic and talent for mana manipulation, Imps tended to be the monster species most often suited to be mages. With their mischievous natures, Imps often would play harmless pranks on other beings, but they are also innately curious. In the days of Anuzar Imps would compose most of the mages in the kingdom, unraveling the mysteries of the universe until Anuzar fell and along with it much of the knowledge the mages learned was lost.

- More may be added in Chapter 3!


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