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This contribution to Collaberotica is an adaptation of my one-shot stories (published elsewhere) into an interactive form. It was initially posted on that other site with interactives. The focus here is on size fetish / macrophilia, but, very specifically, the Giant Man / tiny woman variety of it. Follow some of my heroines — or create your own — as they end up tiny and in power of the men above them. Some go for it willingly; some end up coerced or subjugated. Ultimately, all of them are nothing but bugs to be bullied, ordered around, used and abused. Will they appease their new Masters? Or will they perish, crushed underfoot?


This interactive features a variety of individual stories of tiny women just trying to make it in a world that's all too big for them. Some of them were shrunk by a virus that swept across the planet; the 'viral' shrinking is irreversible. A team of brilliant scientists has managed to reverse-engineer the virus to develop what is colloquially known as shrinktech. The tech is proprietary, thoroughly protected by intellectual property laws, and fairly flexible in how it can be integrated into smartphone apps and the like. Just like the virus, shrinktech only works on women. Unlike the virus, shrinktech action is reversible. 


Some of our heroines are shrunk involuntarily, some go through with it willingly, some are just dumb. Since this is a size fetish story with a heavy Dom/sub component, the vast majority of these heroines end up in situations where they have to work very hard to be spared by the now-giant men. Some wonder whether, perhaps, this is the way the world was always supposed to be. Plenty of women quickly learn to show proper subservience to their giant masters, and plenty of men are very happy about having obedient girls at their feet.


Some readers may find some(or all) of the content within this interactive offensive. Notably, you may come across cruelty, non-con or dub-con elements, eroticized deathhumiliation, fetishized misogyny and raceplay. All of this is written solely with the purpose of sexual gratification and is meant to be enjoyed by readers of any sexual orientation or gender identity. The author does not condone neither tolerate actual prejudice towards any social group.(Except the English Monarchy).

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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> "What sites did you upload your previous stories on?" Some of the stories in this interactive were posted on deviantart at one time. Nearly all of them can still be found on writing dot com. One or two might be posted on coiled fist. I think that's all.
What sites did you upload your previous stories on?
Ugggh your writing really scratch my itches, Al-Candr. Wonderful. :)
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