As Aliyah's stomach continued to rumble, Blake tried to block out the sound. Unfortunately, not only was it too loud to ignore, but the mage also felt like he was in an earthquake with each hungry growl that came from the angel's belly. He consoled himself by telling himself that his captor would surely find a way to feed herself soon. He wouldn't mind if she had to eat a few snacks he had stored in the kitchen as long as it meant putting an end to the (ironically) infernal noises behind him.


However, Blake soon noticed that Aliyah was still standing in front of the mirror. She hadn't gotten any food, and it didn't even look like she was trying to magically conjure some either! All the angel was doing was rubbing her belly, and this time, she wasn't even touching Blake's spot! What was going on?


"Aren't you gonna get something to eat?" Blake asked just before another loud rumble came from Aliyah's belly. The smirk he saw on her face had him worried about her answer.


"Eventually, yes," Aliyah answered, "but there is no need right now."


"No need?" Blake sputtered, unable to believe what he was hearing. "Your belly's rumbling like crazy!" As if to prove his point, Aliyah's belly suddenly let out another hungry rumble that seemed to last forever, even though it was only a few seconds.


"I am aware," Aliyah stated. She then remained silent for a moment as her belly let out a deep growl. She could feel Blake thrashing about, no doubt tormented by the noises her stomach was making, so she gave her belly a few pats to try and get him to settle down. "Sentinels such as myself are capable of going without food for prolonged periods of time. I will eat when my body truly needs sustenance or when you start showing genuine remorse for your actions, whichever comes first."


"What? That's ridiculous! You can't-" Blake started to protest, but he was cut off by Aliyah's stomach roaring. Though the sentinel was right about being able to go without food for a long time, that didn't stop her belly from demanding to be filled up.


"My abdomen is your prison, not a luxury hotel," Aliyah argued sternly as she went back to rubbing her ravenous belly. She felt Blake kicking against her hand but she refused to let up. This mortal wasn't going to learn his lesson if she went easy on him.


As the sounds coming from Aliyah's belly grew louder, longer, and more frequent, Blake had no choice but to think about what he had done to land himself in this situation. He had hoped that whatever magical creature he summoned would be more co-operative, even if it meant him making an offering of some kind. Maybe if he had chosen a spell that simply contacted such a being instead of forcing it to come to his dorm, things would be much more pleasant for both of them. Perhaps Blake could have learned about magic from Aliyah while she had lunch back on her own plane, or perhaps the two of them could have found a more convenient time for such discussions.


"I sense that you are feeling at least a little genuine remorse for your actions," Aliyah said pensively, still rubbing her starving belly, "and I suppose I would like to eat something now." The next thing the sentinel sensed from Blake was relief, presumably because he thought his time in her belly was going to get easier once it stopped rumbling. She had to decide exactly how to deal with her hunger now.

January 30
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