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Character's featured:

Specter/Vix/Flow; Shadowycomics


Burglar Babe; MikeyPotter22


Ass-Napper; Overlord-Wrath/Snake625


Yuri/Rose; randomando243





"So. I may have lost a bet to the General," Specter sheepishly confessed, although Flow doesn't seem all that concern. He looked at Specter, dead in the eyes, like a mother tired of her kids antics.

Flow flatly asked, "What did you bet?"

"Well, If I had win he'd give me some high profile GTS cases, if I lose I have to patrol in that fancy-ass suburbs for the week." He awkwardly smile.

"...Wow, you really are that bored and desperate huh?"

And Flow would be right, Kaiju Girls hasn't appeared as much recently, and the only cases of said girls would be the classified cases the General had for his Weaponization Program. Much to Flow's dismay, the army were the first to found those targets. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers rules.

"Sigh, So, you wanna borrow my Size Device too?"

"Pretty please? With the cherry on top and everything." Specter's eyes sparkle.

Flow's been working on this Size Changing Gadget for a while now. It allows users to shrink and grow to match those Kaiju Girls thanks to years of research and gathering the right material.

Originally she wanted to test this prototype with crates and other large objects, considering the main purpose is to have more room to store stuff or additional living spaces. She already tried it with inanimate objects, she did one with a turkey too, but she needed more data to fine tune it.

And well, the opportunity arrived in her doorstep. Plus Specter could just steal it if she says no anyways and this was just him being nice, in his own way at least. Might as well make him learn the dangers on the field. He's a tough kid.

"Alright, here." She throws him the Gadget, a square shaped electronic, which Specter then inserted it into his gloves, like a puzzle piece fitting in the right spot. "Don't lose it and anything goes wrong like you got trapped in someone's ass or something. Call me immediately."

"Yay!! Thanks Flow!! See you later!" And like that, Specter left, flying off west out of Flow's underground lab. In synch, Vix slides into the room and looked up following Specter's cloud trails above. The gelatinous shadow rises forming a voluptuous body, an orange jumpsuit and spike bands and choker.

"Where's he going?"

"The Suburbs next door a few walks from here."

"Ah, you said he lost a bet apparently?"

"Yup. Sigh I told him not to play Mario Kart against the General. Hate to admit, but he's a pretty decent gamer."

"Oh that reminds me, wanna play Mario Kart?"

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