The Gramaier Suburbs. A large plot of land with almost the same two story houses, the same backyard, furniture and design. Yet each house has a different coat of paint to differentiate who owns who, a real special place for special people with a special pay-grade than most folk.


It's also single-handedly the biggest hotspot for break-ins and robberies, as cases of valuables to even people had gone missing in the span of the night. How anyone would still be willing to live here is beyond him, the rent here must be so cheap thanks to the crime if they were willing to have a chance of a home invader in their house.


It was midnight, the street lamps were on, illuminating the darkness of the empty cold street. Shining under one a peculiar hero begins his patrol through the night. Specter sighs, looking over the quiet streets, with a few chalk drawings and a car passing every now and then, mostly drunkards who stayed up too late, or cheating spouses, whatever they are it's not his business at all.


What is however is the two burglars breaking and entering a random house while the lights are off. One fat woman and the other a typical hourglass babe. 


The giant bbw lady wore a full set of grey & dark clothes, a combo of a grey hoodie and black pants, it looks like she has blonde hair after wiping a ton of sweat from under her ski-mask with how much her baby blue eyes look exhausted, breaking into a window with a crowbar and slowly crawling in. The fact she didn't make a sound doing so was a miracle. 


The other lady was the opposite, a busty babe with a skimpish black outfit. A sports bra and panties matching. Her ski mask, unlike the other gal, fully covers her face. Specter couldn't see what face she makes, but she was tapping down her feet, arms cross waiting while her partner is crawling into the windown, squeezing her rolls in.


It's crystal clear these are burglars and home invaders. What's more suprising for Specter though is that he's somewhat familiar with those two... Now where did he saw them?


At the start of his patrol days, he had talked with the locals and the suburbs' security, a mixed group of community vigilantes and security guard working together. They lay down some wanted posters for any potential criminals that could invade their home. Two in particular caught his eye, especially since they've made some rounds in the news as of late...



The Ass-napper and Burglar Babe, a notorious criminal duo. One kidnapped people off their house by slamming the victim into her ginormous ass, never to see the light of day under her makeshift rucksack. The other a common thief who wore skimmpy outfits and pins people, usually midgets or anyone shorter than her, down before robbing them blind.


From petty crooks to slightly more fledge criminals, as one day they partnered up out of the blue, working together side by side making them more dangerous than when they went solo. Since then the rampant break-ins and home invasions around these parts have been increasing, kidnapping numerous victims, valuables stolen to upwards of millions of dollars, they even took their food. Shameless.



As the news said. They're still at large through the city, so everyone is warned to double lock their doors, windows and any other entrance the Burglar Duo could enter.


For Specter, it should be an easy job stopping these guys. He'll swoop in, knock the big lady first since she's the muscle, and take down the Babe after. Carry them and slam them to the precinct, simple enough. He has his trusty arms tech after all.




Except he doesn't want to. Because of how easy it is.




...Well okay, he'll still save whoever these guys have robbed. But he won't make it easy for himself. Time to bring out the little guy....





When Rose first heard about the increased burglars near her home, this news gives her the shudder.


Rose & Yuri had been living in this new house in the suburbs ever since the company they work at were moving for a project here. The house belongs to the company, so they don't even have to pay rent. Sounds lovely isn't it?


What's not is the fact that she heard the place has recently been a hotzone for massive break-ins and home invasion. 


It puts fear to anyone sure, but it adds so much horror for Rose especially.


A fact about Rose herself, she has a rare condition that was diagnosed years ago. It goes by more names recently, most commonly,




The 'Liliputian' Disease. 



Those that got infected by this condition would slowly shrink down, sometimes by week, by month, or rarely by year. They would lose their entire mass out of nowhere, slowly losing their size until at their worst disappear into a spec of dust. At best? At least retain the same size as Rose at around 4 cm.


As far as experts could research & theorized, this genetic health condition had appeared one day, maybe as far as 2018. Family of the victim weren't even affected, so calling it 'Genetic' is far off. But what could they call it? If it was a Virus, there would be an epidemic alright. It was as if something in somebody's DNA had a mutation that result in this condition.


Because of this, medication and treatment are very rare, dangerous even due to their size, so getting at least a prescription is difficult.


Despite this, she preserved, becoming a manager at HR alongside Yuri as her assistant. They still have a stable job, a home and living as normal as anybody else.


She's just, small is all.


But every now and then, a nightmare would come creeping on her. Various tall giantesses crushing her in even more various ways, 












When BB first met Miss Ass-Napper. She didn't think much about her. As a woman of a few words, she likes a few things in life. Money, Midget(s) and Break-ins, 2M-B. Other people, especially those taller than her, are of no interest to her. Sometimes they could be detestable on a shitty day.


But she has to admit, her skills at lockpicking and sneaking in despite her size is very impressive. It's a wonder why she even asked to work with her on the first place.


The Ass-Napper's M.O. is that she targeted random people in the area smaller than her. Okay, so like her then. Except, her way of kidnapping these people is beyond orthodox. Head scratching even. She would crawl above them or near windows (how that even works despite her size, again, is astounding) And pinned them down with her weight thanks to the power of gravity. Once she knocks them out she'd shoved them deep inside her asschecks and continue to steal their stuff while the homeowners are pathetically forced to let them, unable to act due to embarrassingly being stuck under her giant rear.


Call it sadistic and morbid, but she kinda like and respect her for that.


The two happened to meet while heisting the same target once, she can attest how dangerous she'd be using her weight to pin and crush her opponent. The way she whips her weight, swing her body like a weapon. Even she got almost crushed flat.


So, with all these impressive feats, why a partnership? Wouldn't it be better if she still went solo? 


See, her weight is both a blessing and still a curse. A big setback among them, is that she's quite the compulsive eater. Unable to resist the smell of the faintiest chocolate bar, hence the weight. It's a surprise how she was this limber to begin with. And more recently, her eating habits had only gotten worse, she had raided fridges & pantries. Pizza Boxes and Canned Goods and plenty of non-perishbles to the point she didn't haul much stolen goods.


In fact, out of the 5 houses she broke into last time. She earned around $500 in total. The people she kidnapped wasn't even sold off too. They were her personal toys & butt wipes, never really kept them permanently and would always dump them off the streets somewhere. Either because her victims were that cute or she's got a fetish thing going on.


Because of this, she reached out to her. Asking her to partner up, split the reward 60-40% for her. She'll act as muscle, while BB helped cleaned the house, hauling all the stuff. Essentially an assistant role.


And well, she's been enjoying it for a while. The role is demoralizing, even rubs her pride the wrong way. But, ever since partnering with the Ass-Naper did her income double than when she's solo, she can haul TVs and Statues now. Large Safes & even Sports cars. She earned twice more than she ever did rob people solo.


So while the Ass-Naper does her thing, divebomb her body onto a poor unsuspecting home owner, she'll be busy hauling shit off them. If only she can see the look on their faces unable to call for help, too pathetic being pinned down by a big sized girl like her.




Oh, that must be her right now. She was climbing to the second floor, likely to sneak into where the homeowner is.


So while she does that, BB took out the patchwork rucksack and stuffed just about everything on sight. Jewels, Cash, Electronics, etc. anything small until Ass-Napper comes down. Which will take some time if she's not fooling around with that Homeowner.


At least it's supposed to be like that, when she hauled a clock into her rucksack, did a terrible hurting sting was felt on her back. More specifically, her rear.


It was painful, like a bee sting but it decided to coat it's stinger in steel and laced it with a scorpion's poison.


And on the butt too, horny little fella aren't you?


The attack didn't stop however as this mosquito attacks started attacking her through the body, to the face, to her chest, her thighs and stomach. It feels like she was being punched by a person here rapidly.


She tried swinging around, trying to smack it, but to no avail, the mosquito had charge below her and uppercut's her face as she soars in the air and drops like a fly.


And then she realized that was no mosquito that attacked her, before passing out, knocked out.



That was one down, one more to go. Boy how satisfying was that fight.


The way he soars like normal, attacking that Burglar with his attacks, they were heavy, hefty. Felt like hitting a massive punching bag.


And the sight too, oh how Specter missed the sight of a Giant Gal's tits and ass, looming over shadowing the world.


That fight was rightfully difficult too, dodging those attacks and how many hits she took. 


This gadget is really amazing. 


And here I thought It'll bite my ass back. Haha, guess Flow's worried for nothing. Specter thought, giving a wide smug grin as he looked over the unconscious body of the Burglar.


But then, a sudden tremor happened.





Ah right, knew Specter forgot something. Looks like her partner's coming down. 


He turns to the stairs a few steps from him. Flying to the sky. Coming down from the shadow, another menacing giant enters the battle.


Her body sways and jiggles like jelly. From her belly to her chest, her hips and butt. All the fat on her body, rubbing each other making her sweating like crazy as they pierce her clothes dripping down.


She was far more menacing than the curvaceous Babe from before. And smelled much worse. Yuck.


Distracted by the Babe's unconscious body, Specter took no time to strike, charging straight ahead onto the beast's head. It's weakest spot. The Ass-napper took the hit, almost stumbling down the stairs but then she hops down instead, crushing the wooden floorboards regaining her composure.


It was then she spotted Specter, to her it was some odd mosquito with a very powerful bite. She took no time charging on ahead and attack him. Trying to clap his body, swatting him. As a matter of fact, Specter decided to lead her around the house, crashing into objects and other things around the house.


Then Specter noticed the Babe regains her consciousness, crap, it might get a bit harder if she joined in chasing him, time to wrap things up.


He had moved himself in front of the Living Room couch, on the opposite end is the BBW. Ready to pounce on that mosquito with those nasty punching bites. 


She leaped into the air, crashed in front of the couch and leap to tackle the mosquito, only for Specter to adjust himself up to a bit, dodging the attack and instead have her pin down her poor partner.


Poor Babe didn't stand a chance, she had just regain her consciousness too before she was pinned down, flatten to the ground knocked out cold. Before the other woman would wake up, Specter had already karate chopped her head, knocking her out as well.


The house's a mess, but at least he did his job. It's a rich guy's house too, so a lot of this stuff they'll replaced it pretty easily. Nothing loss nor gain.


And he did it all while being shrunken, a He's getting better and better at his job this way.


"Right, time to call the cops." Specter thought, he took out his custom phone from his jumpsuits pocket, typing 911. Before he was stopped by a sudden ruffling.


An odd muffling sound, coming from... The fat thief's ass of all places. A pair of hands came out of edge of her pants and drag the band down hard enough to push whoever got stuck inside out. Looks like the homeowner was unlucky enough to get pinned under that fat ass.


The guy, a young 20s dude with black hair. Cough immediately and gasp for air, choking on himself before he jumped out of her ass covered in sweat and grime. He crawled far away from those two and started reaching for his phone, likely calling the police.


This moment leaves Specter with an opportunity that could change his life. For better or worse.


Because when he left her giant ass, he had left it barren as the pants are still down. Making it visible for Specter, seeing the oily shine and jiggling, it seems sort of hypnotic to say the least.



...Should he risk it? Risk everything just to feel that sweet giant ass, a one in a million chance like that?!





...Yeah no, let's not risking it.




Cops were called, thieves was arrested, and another patrol of the night complete with a well earned fight of the day.



March 27
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