You're now stuffed between Shawna's Cleavage.


She used her arms to adjust and tighten the grip of her massive marmaries so even the sweat wouldn't make you slip. While it did work, your movement is too limited.


You could barely wiggle away, thanks to her sweat and oily body. But it wasn't t enough for you to get out as the entrance was blocked by her suit. Worse, the intense heat and odor started intensifying after she started to close her cleavage full. It was so foul and so hot compared to the outside. 


You imagined it would be like a sauna in here. In a sense it was, you were technically sweating in one. But instead of using steam, you forgot you were using the body heat of a mid-30s fat woman. 


There was bits of regret, but you did what you paid to get regardless. So you decided to power through and let her do her thing.


She began to speed walk first, catching momentum before running like crazy after about 5 minutes in. And as she does so did these pair of giant slab-sized marshmallow begins devouring you.


They started pinning you between each other, pushing, pulling and smothering their fatty weight on to your poor tiny body mercilessly. Trying to fight and re-adjust yourself proves fruitless as these wild weights pins you even harder.


The motion of her running bounce you up and down, it was a sickly motion. Making you almost vomit.


And so the ride continues on and on, with you struggling to even be able to breath let alone survive the track.


Just how long was the track anyway?



February 10
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