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You're bored out of your mind.


Despite owning a crypto farm and auto-generating six figures every week, owning a suburban house and living the life of freedom without anyone telling you this and that, you were bored.


You were an average orphan, born and abandoned on the street, you started growing side-hustles, odd jobs and eventually getting by to where you are (legally and 'technicaly' legal). You work hard, trying to be as equal as those who have good-looks, talents and all.  


Yet despite being able to be toe-to-toe even with your average skills, looks and everything. Despite overcoming your hardship of living off the street. You were bored out of your damn mind.


You have no friends, nor family or anyone remotely close. You have no hobby, no interests or dreams or aspiration of any kind. And at first, you thought you'd be fine to abandoned all of them, just to be where you are.


You didn't regret the decision, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck.


One night, you pray for the first time, wishing for something, ANYTHING, interesting to happen to your life.


And on that day, your wish was granted.


Because the next day, there was a package deliver to your address. Inside was what at first look like a toy raygun, the kind 90s alien movies had, was in fact a shrink-ray, at least according to the instruction manual that comes with it.


There's no return address, no signs of a company logo or anything else you took notice. Just the manual and the shrink-ray. 


For shits and giggles, you decided to test it on a pot of plant, which upon fire shrinks it down just the size of your index finger as this green energy engulfs it.


Well now... This, is gonna be interesting.

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