Wait For Debbie
Three Wishes Chapter 30

The fall stuns you but you recover and see somehow the cage is open for you to escape.  You know that every time you tried to take off and attempt an escape, you ended up worse off.  Instead you just lay there and hope for the best.


A moment later a light snaps on and Debbie gets out of bed to investigate.  She sees you lying in the heap and gently picks you up.  "You poor baby."  she says to you as she takes you over to her bed.  "Maybe keeping you in that birdcage wasn't the best idea.   I'll let you cuddle with me." she says as she lays back down in bed.   She reaches under her nightshirt and places you against her breast as she lie on her side to go back to sleep.  Although you are wedged between her arm and the bare skin of her warm breast and it is tight, you feel better that you had in a long time.  You think that maybe not resisting her is your best alternative.  You fall asleep hoping for the best.


Debbie wakes up to an alarm and forgetting you are under her shirt, she sits up and you slide down between her chest and the shirt and tumble until reach her leg and fall out to the bed next to her.  "Oh, there you are." she says with a bit of surprise.   She picks you up and looks you over saying "You were a good little boy last night.  I guess I'm going to have to either fix that cage or find you a better place for you to stay. 


She leaves you on the bed as she gets up to take a shower and get dressed for her day.  You wait for her again keeping your strategy the same as last night.  After she comes back and says "good boy, I'll be right back."  She goes down for breakfast and after a short while she comes back with food for you. 


You thank her and eat a couple of pieces of cereal which is more than enough to fill you.  After you finish, she tells you she is going into work early for inventory and asks if you want to come with her.  "If not," she says "I can lock you in my jewelry box to keep you safe."  You don't want to be locked in a box all day and you know she wants you to say you'll go with her and you decide to go with the flow since it seems to be working.  "OK, I'll go with you" you tell her.


Debbie smiles at your answer and says "I was hoping you'd says that.  Inventory is going to be a lot more fun." and you watch as she lowers her jeans and you see her panties underneath knowing what she has in mind.  She takes you off the bed and slips you inside her panties so your face is mashed against her pussy.  She uses her finger to spread her lips and drive you in deeper.  She moves her hand out of her panties and her pussy lips close around you holding you in place as she puts up her tight jeans locking you in place. 


She fingers herself through the materials and says "Now that feels nice." and continues to get ready for work.  She drives to her job at the Victoria Secrets at the local mall and as she is getting out of the car, she strokes you with a finger again and says "Now I want to feel some hugs and kisses down there boy-toy. Make me happy and I'll reward you." 


You do as she wishes as she walks into work with a smile on her face. 




February 12