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This interactive story is about an ordinary guy who finds an ancient lamp washed up on the beach and chaos ensues. This is a primarily size changing story which involves his three wishes to include some sort of shrinking and trying to survive.

NOTE: I am constantly adding to this story and branching off in new directions.  If there is a chapter that you especially like, message me and I'll make that chapter a priority for update.  Also, please feel free to tell me what you like and don't like with the story.

You are welcome and encouraged to add to the story yourself just keeping a few things in mind: 
1. Please keep your additions to the story consistent with the previous chapters.
2. Please do not add one or two line chapters that don't add to the development of the story. Keep developing the plot.
3. Interactions with Joe should be limited to females only. If a male character is need for plot development try to keep it off-stage. 

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Chapter 1
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