Sophie's House
Three Wishes Chapter 26

Sophie comes back and checks that you are still trapped under her pint glass.  She taps on the glass and says "Hi runt.  Are you excited to come home with me for the weekend?"  You don't answer and she continues "That's OK.   You can save your voice because when we get to my house, I have a game in mind to see how loud you can scream.  Sounds like fun, huh?"


She turns her attention packing her bag for the weekend while thinking about what she could do to you.  When she's all done, she looks at her phone and sees a message that her ride arrived.  "Time to go." she tells you as she retrieves you from her desk and pushes you into a sunglasses case.  She closes it trapping you inside and drops it in her purse.  


You are in darkness and can't hear much for the trip and you worry what kind of torture this evil girl could inflict on you.  You lose track of time and eventually drift off to sleep with the hope that you can still escape from her.


You are awaken by the sunglasses case being opened and Sophie dumps you out onto a small desk.  Sophie is sitting on a chair towering over you.  "Welcome to my bedroom, runt." she tells you as you get up stretching and adjusting to the bright light.  You take the opportunity and say "Look Sophie, we got off on the wrong foot.  I'm sure you are a nice girl and I'm sorry..." but you are cut off by her finger knocking you over.  "Shut up, you little shit.  You think you are going to try to sweet talk me.  That isn't going to work.  As far as I'm concerned you are my toy from now on and your purpose in life for as long as that lasts is to amuse me. 


She reaches down and picks you up between her fingers bring you up to her face.  Her breath washes over you as she says "Since you are in an apologizing mood, how about you beg for my forgiveness for all those things you said to Amy about me.  You did say we got off on the wrong foot so that seems a good place for you to start."  She leans over and drops you to the carpeted floor by her bare foot.  


You stand up but her foot shifts and her big toe knocks you over.  "On your hands and knees bug" she orders you setting her foot directly in front of you.  You comply not wanting to make her angry and start to apologize.   She flexes her toes in front your face and says "Now apologize to each of my toes and give each one a big kiss."  


You look up at her and say "Look Sophie.  I got on my knees and said I was sorry.  Isn't that enough?"  Sophie responds by tilting her foot back and bringing it down on top of you with her toes driving your face into the carpet.  "Don't ever deny me what I ask of you." she tells you as you struggle to breathe. "Now do it." she tells you as you are freed from under her foot and you drop to your knees and cover her toes in kisses scared of what she might do next.


When she is satisfied with your performance Sophie tells you to stand up and she spreads her toes menacingly in front of you.  Before you can react, she catches your head between her first two toes and squeezes it.  She is using very little effort but you can't escape as she lifts up pulling you slightly off the ground and watching you struggle with a bit of curiosity and a bit of joy.


She relaxes her grip and you fall back down to the carpet.  "I'm disappointed you didn't scream.  Too bad." she tells you as she reaches down and picks you up dropping back on her desk.  "You belong to me now.  As far as Amy is concerned you are gone and you don't have to worry about those my sorority sisters either.  I just need to figure out how to keep you secret until summer break.  But right now I want to hear you scream for me."


Sophie pushes you down and takes your arm between her fingertips tips and gives it a squeeze and you yell out in pain.  "Not bad but you can do better."  She lifts you by the air off her desk and uses the finger from her other hand to flick you in the balls and you howl in pain.  "Ooh, that's more like it but you can do better."  She flicks you again harder and you scream even louder.  "That's good." she says as she releases you and you drop to the desk in a heap.  "Now you stay there and I'll be right back." she tells you, "or you can try and run and give me a reason to hurt you even more." she laughs as she stands up and walks out of her room shutting thew door behind her.


February 12