Jack goes for a swim
Winning Her Back Chapter 9

Jacki stares back at Jack with zero sympathy. She considers his fate, and smirks as she comes to a decision. She reaches across the table and picks him up with her finger and thumb. 

“This seems like a fair punishment.” She says, holding Jack over her drink. He struggles in her grasp, hoping this was merely a threat, but she lets go and Jack falls into her drink.


The liquid fizzes and bubbles as he splashes around, and he tastes the familiar taste of Coca Cola. Jack continues to tread water - or tread coke - until he latches on to an ice cube, using it as a raft. He starts to shiver from the cold, but at least he wasn’t drowning. 

“It’s like the last ten minutes of Titanic in there!” Zoe remarks. Jack sees her smiling face looking through the glass. 

“You better not have pissed yourself!” Jack looks up and sees Jacki’s face above, looking down on him sternly. “If you pee in my drink, I promise you it’ll be the last thing you do.” 

Using her straw, Jacki stirs her drink. Jack collides with the ice cubes as they swirl around him, occasionally dunking him underwater and forcing him to scramble for a new cube to cling to. 

The girls continue their meal, paying the tiny man no mind as they eat and talk and gossip. Jacki would periodically help herself to her drink while Jack continued to hold on to the ever dwindling ice. By the time the ice fully melted, the coke was shallow enough that he could touch the bottom with his feet.


“Looks like he didn’t drown.” Zoe mentions casually. 

Jacki prodded Jack with her straw. “You learn your lesson, little guy? Or do I need to ask for a refill?”


“I learned my lesson.” Jack spoke in a dull, monotone voice. “I’m sorry, goddess.”

February 12
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