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HI all, so some of you may remember an interactive that went by a similar name. It was sadly recently deleted by most likely as the original author has gone inactive for over a year or so and they deleted all their works. 


Well I'm here to bring it back, sort of, this story will be more of a spiritual successor to it then a straight reposting or a rebooted version. With that all said likes get started with the story shall we? 




Kevin is a twenty year old getting ready to move out of his parent's house to an other state to attend university, however before then he and his friends had one last big outing to the local strip mail that housed some weird stores. One such store was themed in witchcraft and voodoo decorations. 


Thinking it was pretty funny the group of friends bought various items, Kevin buying a vail claiming to shrink any person while the sun slumbers in its sleep. After buying all the different things, the group of friends decided together to spend the rest of their day just wandering around the different oddity shops. 


By the time everyone decided to go home, it was already past 7pm. When Kevin made it to his place he noticed through his sister's upstairs window that there were several other teenage girls with her. Then he remembered that she had planned a slumber party with her friends this weekend. 


Having a mischievous grin he decided to test out that so called shrinking potion, maybe he could prank his little sister one more time before moving away. With that he silently opened the front door and slipped inside without making a noise. 





Kevin- he's twenty years old and pretty decent shaped as in his high school years he would run track. His normal hieght is 5'9, however once he shrinks he'll be one and a half inches. 


Lucy- she's nineteen years old, like her brother she currently runs track for her school and just won a tournament. She's 6'0 being just an inch bigger than her older brother. She has naturally brown shoulder length hair that she usually ties into a single tail. 


Mary- she's eighteen years old and thinly built, unlike her best friend Lucy, she spends a lot of her time drawing comics as one day she wants to become a professional comic book designer. She has a short blonde hair cut that barely reaches to her neck, at her full height she's 5'5


Rose & Ruby- they're both identical twins that are eighteen years old, while they both 5'8 and in solid fitness, Rose dyes her hair hot pink while Ruby dyes her's red. They both agree on many topics except for one, Rose has a crush on Kevin, and Ruby dislikes him due to Rose's crush. 


Kim- she's a nineteen years old transfer student from Japan, she, like Lucy, runs for her school and is just a bit slower then her team mate Lucy. She typically keeps her black hair at shoulder length to avoid it flying around too much while she runs. Sadly her small size of 5 feet even makes her a target of a lot of short jokes, thankfully however Lucy quickly squashes them quickly for her. 


Nancy- she's a thirty-eight years old, she's the mother of Kevin and Lucy. Her hair is brown and she let's it go all the way to her butt height, she's 5'8 and loves to jog on a daily basis. She's also very sex positive and has little to no shame showing off her body. If it wasn't for the neighborhood she lives in, she'd most likely be a nudist. 


David- he's a thirty-nine year old, he's Nancy's wife and father to both Kevin and Lucy. David is a former marine turned cop, as such he keeps a strick workout routine in place for himself. Unlike his wife, David is doesn't like to show off his sex life. However in private he is a hardcore sex demon that loves to try out new things. He's 6'2 with very short brown hair. 

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Chapter 1
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