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Raised on the Floating Fortress of the Aurora Federation, Lieutenant Turner is deployed on their first assignment. They only got this far thanks to officer shortage, and the people in the transport with him can tell. Fortunately, this is only a routine mission. At least that's what they always say.

What is this?

The Valkyries is an open worldbuilding project. You can add to the lore, but please be mindful to not steep too far from the original idea.



  • The Great War has been going on for over 300 years, with alliances being crafted and breaking throughout. War is just an accepted constant in the lives of the citizens. 
  • Valkyries need to be under the supervision of a human commander. Allowing autonomous robots to make tactical decisions without human supervision is considered too dangerous and a war crime by all major powers.


  • Aurora Federation: A neutral nation encompassing what was once the Nordic states, Canada, and Northern Russia, creating the "Arctic Ring." With the world driven deeper into chaos, the council knows that this neutrality cannot be maintained forever. Citizens of the Aurora Federation enjoy some small degree of political freedom and luxury, making it a popular destination. 
  • Great Kingdom of Alba: Once a prominent global power, is currently experiencing a decline. Despite this, it manages to wield influence through its formidable royal navy. Additionally, it holds leadership over "The Commonwealth," a significant alliance spanning all continents. While a royal family governs the Kingdom, the true power lies within the parliament.
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Chapter 1
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