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Note: This interactive story is not mine. It was made by a user called Kosmita, who along with Minuss created the Gulliverse. For some reason, he deleted all of his works including this story, which was very disappointing. Most of the stories have been archived and I found this one recently. I really liked this interactive and want to revive it and have others to continue adding to it. I have made some changes to be more consistent with the Gulliverse lore. I will also add more options for chapters that weren't part of the original story for the purposes of encouraging creativity.

This interactive story takes place in the Gulliverse* where three civilizations with drastic size differences live side by side. Each civilization appears to be one inch tall in comparison to the above tier. (Size chart below). The three civilizations attempt to live in cohesion and have laws in-place that recognizes all three races of people as equals—though this is easier said than done.

In this universe, the Lilliputian population hovers around 5 trillion; Gulliverians around 1 billion, and only 1 million Brobdingnagians. The Lilliputians are the brightest and most technologically advanced race while being socially conservative at the same time. They build strong, tight-knit communities and have many children. The Gulliverians are primarily interested in being the bridge between Brobdingnagians and Lilliputians as they feel it is their responsibility as the ones who discovered the two races. They are often the party that hosts political negotiations between the two races. The Brobdingnagians tend to be wealthy and live lazy lives; due to their size, they could get a lot of physical work done with relative ease. They take pride in being the biggest race and often express that pride through destructive means and the smaller races often suffer because of that.

Human trafficking exists in this universe but is strictly illegal. An underground black market feeds the needs of a few who love to torment the smaller ones. Dating and marriages between races exist. Conservative individuals detest inter-race marriages whilst liberals encourage inter-race relationships. It is common to see relationships one step up or one step down—it is not common to see Lilly and Brobby relationships because the size difference is too great. Communication exists through the use of headsets. The little ones can hear the big ones, but not vice versa—be sure they are using a headset or some other means of communication.

Brobdingnag POV:
A Gulliverian looks to be one inch tall (25.4mm)
A Lilliputian looks to be .35mm tall

Gulliverian POV:
A Brobdingnagian appears to be 432 feet tall (132 meters)
A Lilliputian appears to be 1 inch tall (25.4mm)

Lilliputian POV:
A Brobdingnagian appears to be 5.9 miles tall (9.5 km)
A Gulliverian appears to be 432 feet tall (132 meters)

-Pretty much anything goes. From dark & cruel to gentle & caring--from violence to benevolence--and everything in between.
-Vore, crush, body exploration, sex, love, consensual, non-consensual, adventure, smut, plot, giant, giantess, etc..
-There's pretty much something for everybody.

Story Rules**:
-Only humans from one of the three races listed above are permitted.
-I prefer straight content, but homosexual content is okay only if it is properly tagged before each branch/choice.
-No restrictions on the age of characters. Just don't be weird and make it an issue.
-I reserve the right to remove anything that doesn't follow canon (I'm lenient, but do attempt to stick to the universe).

*If you want a better idea on how this universe works, check out A Wedding Story and Cities in the Cellar by Minuss OR Carnival Nights, Lilly Tours, and Brobdingnag Holidays by Kosmita at

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