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"...play in the bath with each other. Doesn't that sound fun Blaise~" Jordana says as Blaise looks up at her with wide eyes as she picks him up and forcefully caries him towards the bathroom. He tried to struggle out of her hold but she was just to strong for him to escape from.

As she brought him inside the bath room she placed Blaise onto the floor and made sure he couldn't escape by pining him with her ass. "OK Blaise, let me just take off your clothes real quick and then we can play~" She says as she starts to undress Blaise, starting with his shirt. "Whoa, wait what are you doing Jordana!?" Blaise exclaimed as he tries to stop her from taking his shirt off.

"We can't play in that bath if we have our cloths on silly. If we did that wouldn't be playing it would be a punishment." She says as she manages to forcefully rip the shirt from his body and throw it on the counter. She then shifted her body so that her ass was directly in front of Blaise's face as she began to take off his pants.

As she did this Blaise couldn't stop looking at her massive ass that was just inches away from his face. As much as he wanted to, he couldn't deny that Jordana has a sexy ass. If she wasn't so rough with him Blaise probably would not of minded being under it most of the time he sees her.

"Dame Blaise, I had no idea you've grown so much since I last saw you~" Jordana says as she managed to finally strip Blaise naked, snapping him out of his booty induced trance. A wave of embarrassment washed over him as he realized that he is naked in front of a girl he has know since he was a little kid.

"OK, now it's my turn to get ready for our bath~" Jordana says as Blaise gasped at what she just said. Soon she starts to pull off her pants, giving Blaise a good look at her almost bare ass. With the only clothing there was a single black thong that he didn't even notice with how much her ass basically ate it. Then she turned herself around and pulled her shirt clear off her chest, giving Blaise a nice look at her black bra covered boobs. She smirked at herself as she started to play with her boobs right in front of his eyes, teasing him with how attractive her body truly is. Then she finishes by unclipping her bra and pulling off her thong, leaving herself fully bare in front of Blaise.

Blaise couldn't take his eyes away from her body. This was one of the only times he has ever seen a woman naked in front of him before. Not only that but he is also naked and she is sitting right on top of him.

"Alright Blaise, I hope your ready to have some fun~" Jordana says as she drags him over to the bathtub and enters in with Blaise. As the water filed up he looked back at Jordana and sees that she brought the ray gun with her in the bath. He gulps as he remembers what that ray will do to him if Jordana wants it to. All he can do now is just hope that she won't use it on him.

"Oops, almost forgot to do this Blaise." She says as she fires a ray at Blaise. Shrinking him to about an inch tall. "There we go much better for us to play together~" She teased him as he looks up at her in horror as he floats in the rising water.

"Alright then Blaise I think it's time for us to play a little game~" She says as Blaise could only gulp at what type of game she had in mind.

March 29
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