You were a bit surprised, for all intents and purposes that thing in her hand looked like some silly toy, though a fairly expensive one. The fact that your mom seemed suddenly serious also threw you off.


"I do but what's that, mom?" You replied.


"This? It's kind of a funny story, you won't believe it" Your mom chuckled.

"Remember all the times I've joked that Zuleima's some kind of mad scientist?" She then said, barely suppressing more giggling.


"Yeah" You scratched your head. You've been around when your mom and her friends have hung out and Zuleima gets teased quite a fair bit about something related to being a mad scientist, and by what you've heard it goes all the way back to their school days but you never bothered to pry into it since you've never been much of a gossip person.


"She's still trying to make her dream a reality, some thing with a super complicated technical name but in the end it's basically a size ray" Your mom explained.


"A size ray?" You raised an eyebrow. You knew that sort of things from the many cartoons and series from your parents' time that you watched, it looked like almost every series had one or two episodes where someone either shrank or became gigantic due to various hijinks.


"Yeah! She says it can help people improve their bodies without plastic surgery but lowkey I think she just wants to grow a few inches herself" Your mom said, giggling some more as she reminisced on her school days for a moment.

"Anyway, apparently she's not the only one" Your mom said "She got contacted by another scientist lady from some fancy labs in... what was it again? I think it was South Dakota I think"


"What happened then?" You asked, mildly curious yourself.


"Well, from what I was told, these ladies are working on some kind of complex program, it has weight loss, prison rehabilitation and a bunch more stuff but the thing is that they're using some machine to, uh... shrink them" Your mom said, resuming her explanation. You raised an eyebrow, baffled at that statement.


"Yeah, you heard that right. The project's even called Shrinking & Settling, something like that" Your mom said.

"So, this group contacted Zuleima because they're interested in her work. The machine they use is far too big and consumes too much energy. I dunno how they learned of Zuleima's plans for a more portable device, one thing led to another and long story short, she got a ton of funding to have her prototypes constructed. This is the first one that actually passed all the tests" She said as she showed you the gun-shaped device again, it had various buttons and a large LCD screen. But you couldn't help but shiver, realizing that if this was all true, your mom had something really powerful in her hands.


"Uh, why do you have it Mom?" You asked with a hint of nervousness.


"Zuleima sent it to me as a gift, and maybe as a bit of an 'I told you so' kinda thing, she proved that she could do it after all these years" She smiled "Also because it could be fun"


You immediately shuddered upon hearing her say that, blinking twice in sheer confusion, as if needing confirmation that this just happened for real.


"What? It's pretty safe. I thought it was gonna be difficult to use but she explained it in like 5 minutes" Your mom said "With this thing I can make anything or anyone smaller than they are. It can also restore their size but this early model can't exceed one's true size"




"Well duh! This was designed to work on people after all. But it can also work on things, I already gave this thing a couple tries" Your mom said as she playfully spun around the gun like a skilled cowboy.


"And what do you plan to do with it?"


"I was thinking we could have some fun with this crazy little thing" She said in a completely nonchalant tone, followed by some giggling.

"You could be the size you were as a baby again, that'd be so cute"


You gulped nervously, not really on board with becoming smaller than a toddler.


"But I have to accompany Patricia on her pre-campaign run or whatever it's called. Sooo..."


"So...?" You were almost afraid to know but still felt the need to ask.


"This neat little thing can help, we can get some quality time together even if I'm a tad busy. That's why I asked if you trust me" She said.


"I do but I'm not sure I follow" You replied and then your mom gestured at you to sit on the bed "Wouldn't people find it weird to see a guy that's almost in college the size of a toddler? Scratch that, I don't want to be seen like that!"


"There's nothing to worry about, hon. Just stay still" She said, pushing a button that made the gun-like device light up. You saw that she was tapping away on the LCD screen, presumably adjusting something. She also pushed a couple more buttons while the device made a low but increasing in pitch noise, similar to defibrillators as they charged up. Before you could ask any further questions, she spoke again.

"Close your eyes!"


You barely had enough time to do that, though you saw a flash of blue light before you closed your eyes. Feeling an unnaturally cool aura engulf you as well as something akin to static electricity traveling across the surface of your skin, making you shudder and feeling goosebumps form all over your arms and the back of your neck. Shortly after, you began feeling a strange sort of vertigo, as if the world was collapsing into itself.


The pressure all around you rapidly became overwhelming, in some ways feeling as if you were at the bottom of the ocean and then... there was only darkness. Perhaps in an attempt at keeping you safe, your brain decided to shut itself down, resulting in you getting knocked out before the sensory overload became too harsh.


An unknown amount of time later, you woke up groggily, your whole body ached like on those days that you worked out alongside Ariadne or Jordana, though the feeling was quick to wear off, soon feeling reinvigorated, as if someone grabbed your battery and plugged it into a fast charger. You felt lighter and stronger, then wondered if your conversation with your mom earlier had been some sort of weird bad dream and it was only then that you noticed that you weren't laying on your bed.


The surface you were on was soft but not exactly as soft as your bed, nor was it cool like it usually was. This surface radiated a faint warmth of its own, not enough to feel as proper heat but it definitely felt like it evened out against your own body temperature. You rubbed your eyes and rolled to the side, noticing that this surface was of a pale, cream-ish color with hints of a rosy tone like that of a peach.


"What the hell?" You wondered aloud and got up, finding yourself standing on a vast-looking plain of that same color. There were some odd trenches that made long lines across this bizarre, alien surface.

"Where am I?" You scratched your head, this was completely unfamiliar, there was nothing that you could recall that resembled it the least bit.


"Good morning again, sleepyhead" You heard your mom's voice, though this time coming from somewhere above and it sounded different. More powerful? There was a booming quality to it that would've been more fitting to some ancient deity. By reflex, you looked up at where the sound came from and fell backwards in shock, unable to process what was before your eyes: Your mom's face, but hundreds if not thousands of times bigger.


"That was quick, Zuleima said a person could wake up anywhere between half an hour and a couple of hours after they got hit by the ray"


'Holy shit, this is real?!' Your eyes widened, half-panicking at the current situation though on the other hand, you still trusted your mom as she seemed to have things under control, you just wished she told you more in advance. Your train of thought was interrupted, though as the 'ground' you stood on began moving. You had been standing on her palm the whole time! And those trenches were nothing but the lines on her hand.

'Just how small did I shrink?!' That was your last coherent thought before your mom raised you to her plump lips' level for a truly gigantic kiss.


"I'd like to say that you're as cute as ever but I think you're even cuter like this" She giggled.

"Sorry, hon. I did kinda mess up, I meant to shrink you down to an inch tall but the ray instead made you a tenth of an inch tall. Either my finger slipped on the shrink slider or this thing has a slight bug"


'A TENTH OF AN INCH TALL?!' You were in absolute disbelief. That was about as small as some of the smallest ants, around 2 millimeters at best.


"Well, it still works out. You see, this way we can still spend our quality time even if I'm a little busy with work" She said, casually putting the shrinking device back in her purse, not even making any attempt to reverse the situation. Then again, maybe that thing needed to recharge? Was there any waiting period between size changes? Way too many questions, way too few answers!


"Now, here comes part two of our 'little' plan" She said, snapping you out of your worried thoughts.

"You see, this shrinking thing is all neat and fun but it does come with a teensy weensy lil' bit of a catch"


"Is there any catch other than shrinking in itself?" You asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Yeah, there is" She chuckled "You see, this early model is still tailored to that Shrinking & Settling program and for whatever reason, their shrunken people are geared towards... staying between a woman's buns"


"The whose about of what?" You asked, desperately wanting to have heard anything but the exact words your mom had just spoken.


"In simple terms, people shrunken by the ray are adapted for living in a woman's hindquarters. I think they even call it 'Rear Housing' or something like that. They're apparently looking for ladies with big, soft bottoms that can completely hide their test subjects and presumably keep them there most of the day. That was the gist of it, according to Zuleima"


Your normally lightly bronzed skin almost became porcelain pale and the temperature in all your body dropped drastically. This was a new level of fear that you hadn't felt before, nothing in your life had seem as scary, the closest thing being finding yourself alone with Jordana.


"It's a good thing mama's got a healthy bum, right?" She said with a cheery smile, oblivious to your internal breakdown. She then moved her hand, lowering it down and bringing it around her waist until she held you in front of her gargantuan behind.


You knew your mom was an extremely well endowed lady, she was easily on par with girls like Jen and Lillian in terms of the size of her curves, which she often made you aware of given that she frequently asked you how well certain clothes fit her.


Common sense and a bit of your dad's teachings told you to never tell her that her prodigiously-sized bottom was indeed big and rather fat, at least with how soft it was or how gelatinous it looked when she moved but right now this was taken to an insane level, her enormous ass might as well be an entire, jiggling planet to you.




"Don't worry, hon. I don't think you'll irritate me or anything. Let's think of it as just a very long hug. I'll take you out as soon as I'm done with work" She said while she used her free hand to pull back her business skirt's waistband, just enough to reveal the cavernous chasm she called a buttcrack.


"W-" You weren't able to utter a single word as you were shoved into the crevice, feeling the colossal meaty walls at your sides wobbling as you got pushed farther down in between them. Somehow, you thought you'd be dropped in but by the look of things, she was in a bit of a hurry.


And thus, you found yourself in pitch black darkness, engulfed from all directions by immense, doughy masses that radiated off quite a bit of warmth. The atmosphere felt slightly humid with a hint of a salty smell in the air but mostly, there were noticeably soapy scents that lingered, as she must've showered before going on this trip.


[Alternate paths]


Just as your mom was pulling the back of her skirt open, Ariadne nonchalantly entered the room asking about something but when she saw you, she simply began giggling. You were baffled that she didn't even seem shocked at all.


"Wow, mom. I thought you were gonna wait until after the landing for that" She said.


'Wait, what, she knows?' You thought.


"I was planning on that but your dad forgot to buy the extra ticket" Your mom replied.


"Yeah... but, mom... um... I imagine that big badonk of you must be pretty comfy for someone that tiny but don't you think that maybe, just maybe it's gonna be a bit much right now?" Ariadne asked with her arms crossed.


"What do you mean, honey?" Miriam sounded genuinely confused by her daughter's wording.


"I mean, with the kind of breakfast we all had poor Blaise's gonna get nuked into oblivion" Ariadne explained, still with that characteristic cheeky smile of hers, though you could see some concern in her eyes.


"Oh please, my baby boy's a gentleman. He's never complained when I've passed gas. He's even rubbed my belly when I've had stomachaches... something a certain someone wasn't willing to do if memory serves right. You don't think that's a problem, right sweetie?"




2) "N-No, not at all, mom" You blurted out of sheer reflex but immediately facepalmed, you'd just signed your own death warrant. Ariadne gave you a 'Really?' look, shaking her head.


3) Before you could respond, Ariadne swiftly snatched you from your mom's hand, dangling you above her tremendous chest.

"Just in case, let's let him have an easier flight. Plus I haven't spent as much time with my sweet little bro either"


"Okay" Miriam sighed "But he's mine once we land"



"Hmm, I dunno what's up with this thing" Your mom said after she kissed your diminutive form.

"I'm sure I set it for shrinking you down to an inch tall but the screen says it got you down to 0.1" She sighed "Did Zuleima mess up somewhere?"


You shuddered at being reminded of your current size. Barely 2 mm tall, smaller than most ants. But it was even more concerning that the machine might have malfunctioned already.


"I'm not sure if it's gonna be safe to keep you with me while on this trip if this ray isn't gonna be reliable this early on" She said "Hold on for a sec, honey, mom's gotta make some calls..."


And as she said that, she brought you to her humongous cleavage, just a tad smaller than her planetary-looking bottom and before you knew it, you got dropped down that gigantic fleshy abyss to be thoroughly enveloped by the soft, doughy flesh of her breasts.


Minutes later...


"Alright, hon. I'm gonna have to wait until my round-state trip is over before I can go to Zuleima's to have this thing checked and fixed but in the meantime, I'll have ______ look after you for the time being"

March 19
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