“Not bad!” Nora admitted, much to the relief of the exhausted Blake. “But you still need to rub the rest of me!”


The tiny mage’s relief vanished the instant he fully processed the bully’s words. “Wha…what?!”


“That’s right, squirt…” She squirted another glob of sunscreen onto her pudgy belly, perilously close to Blake’s location. “You need to lotion my boobs, thighs, and feet! Lucky for you, I’ve lotioned my face already. Now get back to work, or I’ll make sure you become a laughing stock forever!”


Ulp…at his current size, Blake had no counters for Nora’s blackmail. As the giantess lay down on her back once more, the shrunken young man reluctantly decided that obeying her orders was in his best interest. Rubbing some sunscreen from the giant white blob onto his hands, he made his way up Nora’s abdomen, all the way to her chest. Blake internally thanked the heavens that his captor’s bikini covered her breasts enough to avoid exposing anything he didn’t want to see…


Coated in more than enough lotion to do the job right, Blake rubbed the stuff on the flesh of Nora’s chest that was bare - being extra gentle so that he wouldn’t seem like a creep to her. Despite his fatigue, the mage continued onward to the bully’s thighs and applied sunscreen to every inch of chub that he could reach. Finally, he proceeded to the last part of his ‘atonement’…


Nora’s feet.


Even though they lacked blemishes of any kind, Blake cringed at the idea of rubbing sunscreen on his tormentor’s soles and toes. But he rubbed anyway, coating the surprisingly-perfect skin in lotion in order to avoid Nora’s wrath (or worse, campus-wide humiliation). After another few minutes of this, Blake collapsed backward again, panting and feeling as though he might actually pass out.


Nora couldn’t help letting out a chuckle. “Good work, shrimp. Could’ve gone a little faster, though!”


What happens next?

June 17
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