Blake blinked groggily and rubbed his head. This was the second time he had a killer headache due to his antics. Blake looked around to attempt to survey where he was, but he was unsure. As the memories of how he got here returned, he realized he was fortunate to be alive at all. By all accounts, he should be digested and added to his crush’s powerful body already. A warm blush crossed Blake’s face as he thought of Goldie and her pretty form. His face soured as he thought of where he was, hidden beneath her uniform, behind her soft smooth tummy, trapped inside of her stomach. 


… this was her stomach right? 


Blake looked around and tried to gauge if what he was inside could be considered a stomach. The light was still faint and dim and the idle churning and rolling did little to aid his attempt at discerning his body relative to Goldie’s insides. Blake heard Goldie’s heart beat high above at a steady pace. Her lungs will fill with air and compress in a gentle rhythm. The sound of blood flowing through veins and arteries accompanied by the expanding and contracting of the muscles of wherever Blake found himself inside of. The heat seemed to make sticky slop that coated him feel much heavier. Blake shook off as much saliva, mucus, and other food debris off himself as he could.


Blake could not make out how far the roof was above him, same went with the walls. Blake could feel the broken down mush surrounding him, but its contents did little to enlighten him as to his whereabouts. 


However, as Blake’s eye adjusted he realized he could only be in one place,

February 9
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