Claire stretched her body out, twisting left and right. The curls made the cells around Blake squeeze him from every direction - giving even less breathing room than he'd already been granted. The muffling, oppressive force made him squirm, still terrified at his position within his mother's abdomen. In return, she delivered a brisk SMACK - which made pain ache through his body. His senses went haywire, into a cacophonic freefall; seeing only the dizzy outline of a door that looked like the gates to another world. He could hear the thump of her legs below, continuing to set his balance off. And a vague complaint booming around...


"Should never have done this, no matter how bad my stomach hurt..."


The motherly titan went on her way, jogging forward. Even with her top exposing her navel, nobody would be able to notice the slight lump on her bobbing midriff. Even her son could barely keep track of where he was, amidst the darkness, gurgles, and constant motion. He kept flailing, trying for some stability...


...To inevitably end up pinched between gargantuan fingers. He felt the burn around him, and heard the continual groans of effort. Each huff and puff wore him down - making cool air slow through him... Before volcanic eruptions seemed to lick at his very sense of self and integrity.


Claire hummed. "All this after my stomach was already in pain."


Blake sunk back as far as he could with his micro body in his cramped space. "Every part of me is in pain..."


As the pain continued, so did the gains did for Claire's musculature. Her pumping arms made the biomass that was Blake shrink down, taking less and less space on her chiseled form. He felt dizzy from the motion and heat, his consciousness beginning to dim from the repeated motion. It was all a blur.


He'd lost track of time when the sound of a bell pulled him back into alertness. His mom had entered a store... And from the shimmering around, a jewelry store. Full of silver, the one weakness of his magic.


"Mom..." He got back to speaking again. "Mom, what are you doing here? This isn't your usual route...?"


Claire didn't respond directly - but he could tell by the slight adjustment in her hip posture, and the huff from her lungs, that she was trying to ignore the rapidly-shrinking biomass making him up.


"Please, I don't wanna... I'm gonna disappear in here..."


Finally, his owner spoke up. "I really don't know navel rings well, which would you recommend...?"


"Mom... Mom, no, don't...!"


His eyes were filled with the macabre display of ornate, silvery rings. That would be his last sight and sound, as a firm, definitive CLICK surrounded him - closing him in place, tightly bound within the chamber.


It was like the grip of an iron maiden, squeezing him in. Blake tried to cry out, "please - I'm a human! Not part of your belly...!"


But the words choked in his throat, swallowed with a single clink - and some bills in the register.


"It's much better when you're quiet." Claire patted hi area as she walked out. "Just stay in there, and I'm sure my stomach won't hurt again - no matter what I put on!"


As such, Blake was completely trapped in his new accommodations... And would never experience his dream... of finally moving out of his mom's place.

January 30
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