You pick at the crumbs of pancakes and bacon your mother served you, but it's just not satisfying. You gaze at the three goddesses towering around you. There's Nikki, smirking as she sips on her coffee, Becky giggling at something on her phone, and your mother, Lauren, lost in thought as she stares out the window.


This gives you an idea. You haven’t been up long, and your morning wood hasn’t gone away yet. Watching your mom, the buxom goddess, devouring her food without even looking at it, You know just how to take care of it. It was extremely risky, you know you can be digested, but you can't stop imagining it. She usually noticed you whenever you ended up inside her mouth. Usually.


You hop off your plate and run towards your mom’s, seeking out the perfect hiding spot. You spot a half-eaten pancake and scurry inside, poking your head out. You’re soaked in maple syrup and butter.


You hear the deafening sounds of her fork and knife clattering and scraping around you as she consumes the rest of the pancake. You watch in awe as she deposits each chunk between her plump lips and gulps them down, watching the slight bulge in her neck as her powerful throat muscles work to swallow them. Your heart races as she gets closer and closer to the edge you're hiding in.


Finally you feel her fork slide under you, and you are lifted up with the pancake. Her gaze still fixed elsewhere, you watch as her hungry lips approach. The hot, humid warmth of her breath moistens your skin, and you can feel your heart pounding in your chest.


But it only lasts a second. Her ruby-red lips part, and you’re pulled inside. The sensation is overwhelming, as you feel yourself being enveloped in her mouth. Her tongue wallops you and your face is smothered by the fleshy muscle, drenching you in her spit.


The pancake chunk is instantly mulched up and dispersed around her mouth, and you tumble onto her tongue. But you can't stop to catch your bearings as it moves under you, shoving you directly into her cheek and smushing you against the rest of the pancake. As you start to squirm around, you feel her tongue move over you, utterly covering your tiny body. You moan with pleasure, your body aching for release as she unknowingly licks your penis every which way. Your whole body shudders, and you cum uncontrollably, shooting rope after rope onto her tongue, which greedily licks it all away, and keeps licking and licking after you have are completely spent. The sensation is so overwhelming that you start to black out.


Suddenly the tongue retreats. The whole cavern vibrates with her voice. “Mmm…” Lauren moans. “That last bite was extra delicious.”

May 1, 2023
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