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You are Sammy, a tiny guy in a world ruled by giant women. A long time ago, a genetic virus shrank all men and some women to 1mm. Society is run by the remaining big women who see tinies as pets or pests.

But as a voyeur, you love this. You're obsessed with the massive women around you and take advantage of them, and they usually don’t even see your speck-sized body crawling on them, taking pictures, and rubbing yourself off on them. Whether it's coworkers, schoolmates, friends, family, or strangers, you can’t get enough.


Tinies are very durable but not invincible. You can be digested and solid heavy objects crushing you can kill you, but being sat on or smothered is fine.


Your Household

Sammy (You)

Age: 21

Appearance: Slim, stocky, brown hair and grey eyes. 1mm tall

Personality: Outgoing with other tinies, pretends to be shy and flustered around women. Always scheming about how to get closer to women.

Life: You live at home with your mom and two sisters while attending community college at Picout University, a school with both tiny and big students.

There are tiny elevators all around your house so you can get up and down without help, and you also have a buggy you got as a christmas present so you can go from room to room easily.


Becky (Younger Sister)

Age: 19

Appearance: Medium height, long blonde hair and green eyes, somewhat chubby, often wearing sundresses or skirts, huge breasts and butt.

Personality: Kind and sweet and innocent. She has always been protective of tinies like you, and cries when she accidentally crushes one. She's always done everything she can do keep you safe from harm.

Life: She goes to Picout too, she drives you from home. She studies Nursing and caring for Tinies.


Nikki (Older Sister)
: 22
Appearance: Tall, skinny, wears punk rock and goth clothing. Black hair with purple streaks, wears dark makeup and red contacts. Her boobs are absolutely massive and almost mom’s size, and they’re still growing. Always showing lots of cleavage.
Personality: Rebellious, bratty, free spirit, disobeys your mom.
She works part-time as a bartender and spends most nights out late partying. You think she secretly does cam-shows.


Lauren (Mom)

Age: 45
Appearance: Definition of a MILF. Huge 36K bust, dump truck butt and hips, blonde hair and green eyes. Tall with long legs. Usually wears revealing dresses.

Personality: Klutzy and absent-minded but cares for your safety and is very maternal. Often loses track of where you are. She carries you either in her pockets or in a locket on her necklace. She loves making you pamper her or do chores in hard-to-reach spots.

Life: She is a famous model who does advertisements and fashion shoots. Sometimes tiny paparazzi follow her which she hates.


Picout University

What you're studying is the reader's choice

Tiny-Giant Relations Committee (TGRC)

A club you joined. It tries to foster positive bonds between the big girls and tinies on campus and reduce the number of "incidents" that happen


Emma (President):
Age: 19
Appearance: Short height, long brown hair, very cute face with blue eyes. She has medium-sized 34C breasts and curvy, inviting hips. Wears bright, sunny shirts and jeans and wears lots of accessories like hairbands, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc
Personality: Sweet, well meaning, and passionate about tiny rights, but she is very clumsy and has poor tiny awareness.
Life: She works tirelessly to bridge the gap between tiny and giant communities and plans demonstrations and fundraisers. She studies Biology at Picout. You (and dozens of other guys) have a crush on her. But every tiny boyfriend she's had disappears without a trace for mysterious reasons.


Ashley (Vice President):
Age: 19
Appearance: Medium height, wears revealing camisoles and shorts. Usually braless. Brown hair kept in a ponytail. Big boobs and a killer ass.
Loudmouth, bully, arrogant. She doesn't like tinies and arranges "accidents" where they are crushed or swallowed by Emma. She has eagle eyes and always knows exactly where tinies are and can see what they are doing, so you haven’t perved on her. She’d definitely punish you if she caught you. She’s Emma's best friend, otherwise she would never be in TGRC.
Life: Studies Psychology at Picout. She and Emma live in an apartment near the college, which her wealthy tiny dad pays for.


Sophie (Tiny Representative):
Age: 18
Appearance: One of the few tiny girls, 1mm tall. Plump with big shelf-like boobs, wide hips, and a kind of chubby but cute face. Brown hair and dark eyes.
Personality: She is shy and timid, but nerdy and loves to talk about her interests.
Life: Studies Linguistics at Picout. She often receives unwanted attention from male tinies, but always declines their advances. Female tinies are treated more humanely than male ones, so she hasn't had many close calls with the big girls.

Other tinies: Other tiny members in TGRC, no names yet.

More characters to be added as they come up.

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