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You are a young man, who by a quirk of fate gets reduced in size, an event that would introduce you to a whole new perspective and world, one where you're at the mercy of ladies who want to have fun with yourself in very lewd ways. Will you discover the origin of your new condition? Will you find out the deep, dark truth regarding "Tiny Culture"? And above all, how will you develop your relationship with the female that found you first, and all others you might introduce yourself with?



Hello, welcome. This is an adaptation of the game "Tiny Misadventures", allowed and supported by the game's developers. I will try to remain faithful to the original game's story and lore while adjusting its details and development to fit better its new medium; if you want an exact copy, you will not find it here. 


I recommend first and foremost to check out the original product, thus here I post the links where you can download it:


To fit the new medium, I will focus primarily on "set" storylines focused on developing the relationship between the MC (you, the tiny guy), and the lady who is currently caretaker/owner/master of yourself. To allow an easier time writing such storylines both for myself as well as potential other writers, here are the short descriptions of each main character; bear in mind that I could add new ones later, but for the moment, the main characters are:


Shina: Short silver-white hair, sapphire eyes, large breasts, and a decent ass. High schooler, she's the gentlest of all the main characters, looking at you as a very special pet she can take care of, while still expecting to have fun with you. 

Reference Image:


Yuni: Long blue hair, sapphire eyes, and decent breasts and ass. A rich girl who dresses and works as Chief Maid of her maid cafe as a hobby, she is rather straightforward on what you're to her: a legendary and most precious sex toy; you better meet her expectations, for she will not hesitate to teach lackluster or worse, rebellious toys a lesson. 

Reference image:


Kasumi: Long orange hair, emerald eyes, small breasts, while decent ass. She's a futanari (i.e. a girl with a cock instead of a vagina), a situation that has left her overall very isolated socially except for her close family and best friend. Thus, she's extremely possessive of you, not wanting you to risk leaving her like any other guy, while at the same time thinking of yourself as her "boyfriend", who lives to make her company. Overall, not as gentle as Shina (since she treats you like her personal tiny sex slave), yet still gentler than most. 

Reference image:


Akari: Long green hair, amethyst eyes, decent breast, and a small ass. She's a fairy, and thus fully aware of your true, human nature; however, since as a fairy she has the duty of causing mischief to humans AND because she blames guys like you for the situation herself and of her kind find themselves about (no magic allowed in the human world, unable to use wings in there either), she will take her sweet time enjoying your puny struggles inside her. Yet, beneath that mask of mischief and contempt, there may lay a caring core...maybe. Regardless, you're HER little worm.

Meaner than most (since she's fully aware of your condition), yet deep down can grow to genuinely care for you, should you please and impress her with your efforts. However, make her angry and...Pray to the goddess for mercy on your soul, for Akari will give none. 

Reference image:


Minami: Long dark pink hair, emerald eyes, large chest and ass. Kasumi's mother works at the family's nightclub while otherwise taking care of her home. You're her personal property, meant to please her every whim and desire (and eventually, feed her gorgeous form), even though she teases you constantly you being her "little tiger". If you survive and please her well enough, you might awaken her naturally motherly and caring side, but it's going to be very tough, all things considered.

Similar to her daughter in expectations regarding your status as a sex slave, yet far more willing to severely punish any misbehavior from your part; if things get tough, she WILL NOT hesitate to eat you alive, so tread with caution.

Reference image:


Note on reference images: when details between the description and reference image conflict, the description always wins over the reference image. The character overall looks like the image, yet may or may not have some differing details. 

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