“I’ll… let you take the public transport. You’re at that age now, after all.”


Although she said that, Inko was still hesitant in letting her son go all by himself. She wasn’t too sure what kind of dangers could await him, but she knew they existed. What if some fiend kidnapped him!? Or…


“I’ll be fine mom! Trust me, I can fend for myself now!”


She looked at him for a moment, then sighed. “Well, if you say so…” She carried him outside of the apartment, and to the downstairs elevator door. There was a seperate, smaller door available for men, which led into a secure space inside the elevator. Inko gently lowered Izuku down to the ground, giving him one last look.


“Call me if you need anything, alright?”


He nodded in response, before quickly rushing into the tiny elevator door. The last he saw of his mom for now was her waving goodbye, thus starting his new journey. Izuku was a little surprised she actually let him go on his own, but he was glad. He could show the world he could handle things on his own, just like all might! Izuku pressed the button for the ground floor, and patiently waited for it to reach the bottom. 


After about a minute, the elevator dinged and opened up, giving Izuku the freedom to do whatever now. He still had around 30 minutes till he had to be at school, which meant he could take his time getting there. He walked along the tiny walkway built into the floor of the apartment building, safely taking him to the road and bus stop. Suddenly the ground shook as two massive legs passed over him. Izuku was used to this by now and quickly regained his balance, as it was just a normal office lady passing by on her way to work. 


“Phew, I’m glad these paths are shielded.”


Izuku had heard stories of some places with unshielded tiny paths, and he shuddered at the thought. Even if they’re marked off, it doesn’t stop women who aren’t paying attention or are distracted. But then again, Izuku has been sheltered basically his entire life. Maybe he was due for a little more excitement. Especially now with his new quirk, he’d be able to move around a lot better! 


Although he usually went in the designated tiny section of the bus, Izuku decided it’d be different today. After all, the tiny accommodations were just a suggestion, not a requirement. They also weren’t the most comfortable either, often being made of just plastic or metal. As he heard the bus approach, Izuku looked both ways for any sign of danger. He was the only one at the stop, giving him a clear shot of doing whatever he wanted. Izuku popped open the hatch above him, stepping onto the giant sidewalk. The ground beneath his feet rumbled as the gigantic bus rolled up, opening both its tiny and normal sized doors. 


“Alright Izuku, time to put this quirk to work!”


But then he remembered what had happened when he’d tried to use One for All and thought better of his idea. He still had no way to really control his new quirk so that he wouldn’t injure himself with its sheer power. 


Fortunately, the months of training he’d gone through was more than enough to let him reach the normal-sized section of the bus with a running leap, just managing to cling on and hauling himself onto the metal surface as the normal-sized door closed behind him. There wasn’t any driver to notice, as the buses were all automated now. Izuku stared in wonder at the gigantic hallway of the bus, with the seats in particular catching his eye. They were padded! Eager to check it out, he rushed along the long, metal pathway towards an open seat. His apartment was one of the first stops the bus makes on its route, so it was still pretty empty, giving him free reign to go wherever he wanted. With another running leap Izuku landed on the side of a chair, using his upper arm strength to climb the rest of the way there.


After a few seconds of climbing he finally reached the top of the chair, rolling onto the soft cushion. Just in time too, as the bus closed its doors and began driving to the next stop. His body sank into the soft cushion a little bit, providing a much more comfortable experience than he was usually used to.


“Man, I should’ve done this more often. Hehe, what was mom so worried about?”


Unfortunately, Izuku just jinxed himself by saying that. As he rested his somewhat tired body on the gigantic seat cushion, he heard the ding of the bus arriving at its next stop. The tiny seats were usually pretty isolated from the normal ones, so he wasn’t too sure how many women (or who for that matter) usually got on the bus. Izuku racked his brain trying to figure out if there was any big shots that rode this route, but he couldn’t remember. All he knows is that this was one of the bigger routes in the city, so it goes to quite a lot of important places. Luckily for this stop there would only be one woman coming aboard. But was that really good for him when she didn’t know a certain tiny decided to get a little too adventurous?


Just which giant woman was walking onto the bus?

March 23 · edited March 27
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