Kaede Maple, the maple leaf
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Kaede Maple, a singer with a lime-green electric guitar, long white bunny ears, steel grey cybernetic arms and rainbow hair, would commence to smash the bronze microphone into the concrete floor as she finishes her encoré...

"And that's a wrap, thank you for your time lovelies~" Kaede finishes with a pleasant hum as she doesn't seem to notice you right at her pastel high-heel, you dodge as she swerves around and Kayo seems to talk to Kaede about the band's progression.

"Kayo's Electret doesn't seem to be doing very well," Kayo adds, the adonis preening his hair solemnly.
"Don't worry, it's the music that counts," Kaede laughs robotically as her adorable bunny ears twitch around.
June 9, 2023
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