As Kaede continues to chat with her bandmates about their progress in the music world, you patiently wait near the giantess’s high heel for an opportunity to explore her body. You peer up at her features - rainbow hair, pastel pumps, and…cybernetic arms? Not quite as unusual as her bunny ears, you figure. But hey, a potential host is a potential host!


You dart over to Kaede’s shoe and carefully begin climbing it, hoping she doesn’t notice you scaling her body - which towers over you thanks to your Shrink Ring’s abilities. Fortune smiles upon you, thankfully; as you make your way toward the top of Kaede’s pump, she remains oblivious to the tiny person climbing her shoe-clad foot. How the heck does she not feel you? Are you really that small? Or is there more to Kaede than meets the eye?


After about a minute of tiring climbing, you reach the top of Kaede’s high heel and pause to catch your breath. A slight twitch and a few scattered sparks from your host-to-be above startles you briefly, and you suspect you might have been caught in the act…but she casually returns to her conversation with the rest of the band as if nothing had even happened, much to your relief. Now to find a way into her body…


“On second thought,” you think to yourself, “maybe I could chill around her feet for a while…wait, Lucian, what are you even thinking? You wanted to get INSIDE Kaede, didn’t you? Y’know, for science?! …meh, science can wait. Gorgeous sole, here I come!”


With your pervy side winning yet another internal debate, you deftly slip into the open space in Kaede’s shoe and worm your way closer and closer to the bottom of her foot…

February 12
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