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(Original story was created by Darksword, but has since vanished)

Welcome to this reboot of “a Endosomatophilia World”! To put the story in simple terms, you discover a way to shrink down to an inch tall for the sole purpose of exploring the human body from the inside.


You are Lucian Smith, a 20-year-old scientific prodigy. You have black hair, pale skin, and an average body build.




Trina Smith: your 49-year-old mother. She has a nice, toned body and is as caring and loving as a mother can get. She knows of your interest in science, and might be willing to help you with your inner-body long as you aren’t hurt.

Alice Smith: your 19-year-old sister. She has a fairly slim build and never excelled in science, but her energetic, positive personality suggest that she might allow you to explore her body.

Emi Thorns: your 21-year-old, Asian girlfriend. She has a slim body, but her gentleness and charm are what really attract you to her. Exploring her body could be fun...

Ms. Goldfinger: your 38-year-old redhead teacher from your days in high school. Tall and serious, she might let you go inside her body...but you’d better keep your trip academic!

Please run additional characters by me before adding them.

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Chapter 1
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