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Long ago it was said that shinobi could once merge together and create powerful new warriors, such a technique was said to be both feared and praised by those that saw its power. Now though such a technique has been lost in time, and the story become a tale and the tale became a myth, eventually the myth became a legend and the legend was forgotten.

Legends, myths, tales they always sound like fiction. Examples being the kunai that never misses, or the fountain of chakra that grants unlimited strength.

But under those shroud that makes them sound so fantastic, lays some basis of truth.

Watch as one ninja discoveres the ancient technique and brings it back to the present day.

Rules for the jutsu
1) The jutsu will cause a person to become any body part on an other person.
2) The jutsu can backfire, meaning the caster can be the one who changes.
3) The transform person may or may not be allowed to communicate with host/other.
4) The change can either be temporary or permanent or even a mix of the two.
5) Hosts should have access to the victims chakra and if applicable kekkei genkai, this can be with or without host’s knowledge.
6) The jutsu is possible to be broken by victim(s) either by willpower or outside help.
7) The changed body part can either remain the same looking or take on characteristics of the victim.
8) Should the host die/become a victim, their victim(s) can either be released or die.

Rules for the story
1) Please use spell check, I know not everyone is good at spelling(me included) but try your best.
2) Reread your entry before posting, try and ensure that others can read and understand what your writing.
3) Keep continuity through the thread, meaning if Hinata can’t talk to her Naruto pussy in one chapter but magically can the next that’s a no no. Now if you want to add an element like Sakura can hear Naruto cause of their team bonds or something like that, then go ahead.
4) Nothing is off limits here. Don’t care if it’s gay/lesbian, incest, toilet, sex, vore, feet, or anything else that might tickle your fancy. Everything is welcome here.
5) If you choose to end a story line please keep an option open for a new branch. The only exception is if it’s a super long entry for a character’s final and you simply can’t fit it all in one post.
6) Originally this story was separated with the idea that the transformation jutsu and shrink/vore stories would have its own place. But I decided that would restrict some creative ideas, so while I wish to keep the main focus on the transformation jutsu feel free to add in voring and shrinking to the story lines. 

Final note all stories start after the time skip.

Other than that I reserve the right to change rules. I also will edit posts to either keep continuity or to make them readable.

And that's it! Have fun!

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