Finding Dash
Shrinking Violet Chapter 2

The last thing Violet saw with certainty was the bright green light enveloping the entire school. Waking up she opened her eyes and noticed the eerie environment of a completely empty school and looking down at herself something even more shocking.

Somehow when she passed out she managed to remain invisible. Dreading the lacking memory of her getting naked she disabled her power and was even more shocked when she saw she was still on her normal school clothes.

"What the? How did this?" Violet looked around realizing she just exposed herself to the world if there was anyone watching, but the surprise was so big she completely forgot about protecting her identity. She never was able to do this before! What on earth happened?

Retracing her steps all she remembered was that villain looking girl coming, the way she shrunk the teacher, and a light enveloping everything that she tried to stop as quick as she could with her force field. After that, nothing.

"Maybe I overexterted myself using both powers at the same time? like that" she wondered aloud, not really understanding how she remained invisible while she passed out but considering what happened she started to believe it was divine intervention. Her steps echoed through the empty halls as she checked if anybody was there, but it was completely empty.

"What did she do.. did that girl shrunk everyone like she did with the teacher?" Violent went back to the entrance but only found a small stain on the window.. It seemed that this new villain kidnapped him and everyone else in the school. She thought with concern on her friends, on Tony! and even on Dash.

"Wait, Dash!" she immediately started running towards his classroom hoping to find him there, or if not she could start checking the running track or the basketball court. He didn't have the same clothes impediment she.. used to have, he could easily take advantage of the whole chaos to run away to some safe place. "Dash are you there? it's me, Violet!" she shouted while running and looking quickly at one side and then the other, hoping he would show himself.

"Violet! you aren't ti- ack" Unfortunately Violet failed to see in front of her and ended up kicking her tiny brother who was coming at her with his super speed, sending him crashing unintentionally against a trash bin on the side Violet wasn't looking at. She however did feel the impact and stopped.

"Dash! where are you? Oh God" She finally saw him on the floor next to the trash bin writhing in pain from the force of her slight kick.

"Are you ok?"

"That hurt way more than it should" Dash complained but smiled up at his sister

What happens next?

February 7
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