Bedroom Intruders

In what was beginning to feel like some sort of cosmic punishment by the gods, you found yourself faced with Charlotte and Beth making out yet again. The door burst open as Beth walked backwards into it, letting it swing violently against the wall. You winced as you imagined the mark it would leave against the paint. Meanwhile, the giant women continued on their journey towards your bed, and it just so happened that their path would take them right to your location.

If you didn’t move, you would be crushed under Beth’s - or possibly Charlotte’s - foot. You made off into a sprint, desperate to get out of their way. As you did so, clothing began to rain down around you. Glancing over your shoulder, you saw Charlotte fiddling with Beth’s bra strap, unhooking it with surprising ease, and tossing it aside. It landed a couple metres away from you. 

More clothing fell from the sky until there were no more clothes to take off. The pair were both completely naked, and climbing into your bed. You were starting to feel like Charlotte was somewhat abusing her key privileges…


You sat beside one of Charlotte’s socks as you figured out your next move. The most appealing option was simply leaving; you didn’t want to bare witness to what was happening right now, but knowing your luck they’d probably inadvertently follow you into whatever room you escaped to anyway!


The other option was getting their attention. At this point, you’ve already seen enough to traumatise you for a lifetime, so what harm would it do to simply march right up there and make yourself known? 

But there was a twisted - albeit tiny - part of your brain that told you stay… you were still an unknown third wheel here and Beth was pretty hot. If you can mentally block out Charlotte, you’ll get a hell of a show. After all, they’re the ones who came into your room. 

February 12
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