You remained under the couch thinking that your best course of action would be to simply contact her the moment she came back. And after that? Maybe make her get you to a doctor or something. What else could you do? You woke up like this and your hangover was gone but that didn't mean the memories of what you did last night suddenly came back. The only steps you were able to retrace were those that happened after entering your house: Closing the door, emptying your pockets on the small coffee table, taking off your belt, your shoes and finally laying on the couch where a couple of blankets were already there for you to cover up and sleep. But even then, you realized it could have been any of the other nights you happened to arrive home drunk and decided to crash into the couch anyway, so it wasn't a reliable memory at all. 

While Daphne came back, you tried to take a look at the coffee table to see if there was a hint of something that could make you understand how on earth this happened, but with the wooden surface so far above you it was pointless. You would have to climb it, but how? The design of the legs meant climbing through them seemed impossible and looking around it didn't look like there was another way to do it. The sound of the door stopped your plans and you went back to hide under the couch, hoping that if there were any clues, Daphne didn't decide to consider them garbage to throw away. For now, you went back to the original plan, approach her and make her notice you first.

"Alright, let's do this" you heard Daphne motivate herself but she wasn't moving yet. You saw her looking at her phone and chuckled thinking your task wouldn't be hard if she happened to take another of those pauses closer to you, until you realized what she was actually doing.

"No!" you shouted the moment your bluetooth speaker started blasting some top 40 song you mildly recognized. The idea that your shouts would no longer reach her ears over the music made you leave your hideout and run towards her, but you quickly backtracked when she started moving. It wasn't because of her imposing figure or because of the small tremors she once again created for you with her steps, but because she was moving with energy and with focus. It was quicker than you expected, and when she left her phone next to the speaker meaning she wouldn't get distracted again you knew the chances of getting her attention in the way you intended were slim. Back under the couch, you saw her moving towards the kitchen to get the supplies needed to start cleaning.

"Now what?" you wondered what to do because you knew the current spot was no longer safe. She seemed to be serious about cleaning, and you guessed the mess in the living room was the obvious place to start. You figured out if you ran towards another room you could earn more time to put yourself in a position where you could be noticed more easily. 

The bedroom? If you could reach the nightstand by climbing the cable that connected the lamp it was a good idea, but it might be also the second place she would start cleaning.

The bathroom? It would be...risky, but she would close the door which would give you a better chance for Daphne to hear your shouts of help.

The kitchen maybe? If you could make it to the counter it seemed like a good spot to be found, but you didn't know how to make it there.

Or maybe you could stick around and not lose track of her movements if she happened to stop again, all you needed to do is to not be on the floor where you could be attacked by the broom and considered dirt. 

Maybe you could try climbing the couch? If you managed to reach the top you could even be able to see a bit of what you left on the coffee table.. The other option that came to your mind was hiding withing one of the shoes laying on the floor, either yours or hers.

"I finally found everything.. he'll owe me one once he sees this place sparkling" you heard Daphne claim aloud and knew your time was running out to make a choice.

What happens next?

February 4
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