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This multiverse was known to be a seemingly infinite space filled with an equally vast amount of universes. This fact caused there to be practically limitless possibilities. Allow me to tell you a story about one such possibility that I hope will pique your interest, with you probably being the kinky macrophile or macrophile who stumbles upon this story somewhere on the internet. This story takes place in the universe home to the planet named Omniworld, or Omni for short. All life in this particular universe can be found on Omniworld, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean this planet is the only one to contain life. Simply, Omniworld is a lot like Earth you see, except for one major detail. Every so often, seemingly random planets, filled with billions of lifeforms spawn on Omni. But no need to worry, these planets are tiny! Usually the size of a common marble!

For thousands of years the dominant species, called humans, didn’t know what these strange spheres were. They then discovered life existed on them, just like their own planet and then they discovered another couple hundred years later that life was actually intelligent humanoids similar to them. Humans now call these spheres planets and refer to their home not as one, but instead a world. They refer to Omni as the only discovered inhabited world. There are some humans who stand for the rights of these planets, but most humans treat them as multi-purposed treats of meat that can be bought for only a few dollars. This particular story will be focused on the main purpose of those ‘treats of meat’ have for the people of Omni, which was to be eaten.


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Chapter 1
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