City A, Texas. an average city bustled with thousands to tens thousands of people. It was once famous for it's trade of fabric and clothes, and it's famous prune flavor protein shake.








Last year, Supervillain Cherry Noble defeated the local 'hero' Cutie Inu. Though hero was a stretch considering Inu had never really won against Cherry nor the other local villain like Princess or Disco Diva. It was really a luck of the dice that all the local villains didn't cause too much chaos, only in that particular city.




Cherry Noble was a different case, the luck of the dice was not in the government's favor that day. As the Supervillain had taken over the city, bombing it with her infamous 'stink bomb', a deadly farting technique that covers the area with a long lasting fog of nasty. It was only time before she wanted to enter the big leagues.




So, the government had no other choice but to send in a veteran heros, Specter and Abby. A duo that's used to handling Kaiju girls and other supernatural threat, real and reliable heros.




Well, about as realiable as a guy who charge in recklessly for some GTS' ass. (Goddamnit Specter.)




"So, this Cherry Noble. Not a Kaiju or a GTS?" Specter was sitting in a military conference room, the general upfront with his secretary while on the window Abby watches the scene outside.




"No." The General flatly said.




"Not interested, side' my plates already full with this city's problem. I'm not gonna fight some B-class villain from another city with a fart fetish!" Specter ranted.




"Mr. Specter, that 'B-class fart fetish villain' has the power of a Tsar Bomb and all she'd do to activate it is by pulling her finger. Can you really call a walking nuke that melts 5 layers of titanium a 'B-class villain'?!" The General sternly replied, but Specter, smug as usual, ignore the General's warning.




"A Kaiju could eat 20." He'd argued, but it really didn't prove much of a point on his side.




Specter's interest with fighting GTS/Kaiju girls has always been weird. It was unfortunately the only reason why he took up as a hero in a custom jetpack gauntlet combo. If only the government has some semblance of knowledge where Specter got those tech...




"Cause flying around a pair of giant tits and ass is cool!" The General could remember the echos of his reasoning. It was when he was promoted and tasked with finding a solution to this giant monster women problem, oh how times have changed.




True, because of him and his power sthey were able to secure Abby, but still...




"Hey Specter," This time Abby, the friendly flying Kaiju that always carried Specter spoke up, "Isn't it a hero's job to save another hero in trouble?" 




"Inu?" Specter twist his head to face Abby on the windows, with eyes wide, "I heard about her a little, a wannabe Sailor Moon Magical Girl kind of hero."




"Yeah! She's a rookie Magical Girl after all, you wouldn't leave a defenseless little girl would you?" Abby asked, with puppy eyes.




Specter contemplates her question, yeah it does seem dick-ish to leave a little girl carrying all that burden. Ah what the hell... The Villain's ass was pretty thicc anyways, a 6.3/10 at best.




"Ugh, fine. I'll help. A veteran heros needs to show example of how to fight a villain after all." Specter sighs, adding another less important reasons to his list of reasons to fight Cherry.




"That's great." The General Secretary responded, "We'll provide you with the necessary equipment, I'll provide briefing and we'll head out tomorrow at 0600 hours."




"Before that," Specter raised his hand, "You won't mind if I pack something extra?"








Once upon a time, villainy was fun.




Cherry Noble thought, causing as much chaos by ripping farts through the city and seeing people gag to death was hilarious.




She also thought, shoving that little girl Inu and nuke her with her farts was fun, right now, like the dog she is, is still stuck in her unwashed crack, still wiggling. 




As fun as that was, you could only do so much with farting a magical girl.




Now here she is, in the centre of what used to be City A. Bored out of her mind.




Villainy isn't as fun as it's used to be. Without civilians to gag over her nasty backblows, without any sort of new faces nor any sort of challenge. 




It became monotony.




She hated that. With every fiber of her old hazmat suit stuck on her skin.




Perhaps she should... Up the antee?




She already defeated a hero, it was too easy though, just some bratty dog, a pain in the ass what with her cleaning 'fuwa fuwa beam' powers. Ugh.




If she's going to be a menace, how about targeting other heroes near her?




The thought of attacking another hero had crossed her mind many times whenever she defeated Inu constantly. But she never really tried it before, mostly because unlike the dog who's licking her ass right now, pro heroes are a class of their own.




On the other hand, they couldn't easily replicate the same gas mask she wore. It's custom after all. Only one of it's kind could withstand one of her nuclear blast at max. 




But as her thought and will began to form, Cherry Noble's deadly fart fog was suddenly blown away by a mighty unnatural gust of wind. Alarms blair in her head. Something big is coming.




Dropping down is a Kaiju girl, fitted with a gasmask, hands grown with feathers, A Harpie? There was only one hero that had tamed a giant Harpie girl as a partner.




And out of her cleavage, dashing through the sky was the familiar orange jumpsuit of Specter, maskless and smirking with the typical smugness of a hero. 




"Specter." Cherry stood from her chair, where Inu was tied in. Gagging and crying. "Nice that other heroes are sent here, that must mean I'm a real threat to them."




"Cherry Noble. Former Nuclear Scientist and Prodigy, an experiment with nuclear reactor gone wrong intensify your flatulence from a stink to a deadly weapon of mass destruction. I read your file by the way, and I gotta say, even before all this, you were really fucked up in the head." Specter snarked, walking closer to Cherry.




"You read my file? Wow, now here's a professional!!" Cherry exclaimed, laughing maniacally, "Something you should've learn, dog." She looks back at Inu, passing out from exhaustion. 




She smacks her ass into the chair, making a giant ass shaped crater with Inu knocked out in the middle.




"C'mon now, she's already lost here, you don't have to make her suffer as much do you?!" Specter was caught off by Cherry's sudden attack on the already defeated magical girl. But he kept a composed face, a smirk that says he has no worries in this situation.




Cherry look at him, at Inu and look back with a sinister look, "You have a point, she only defeated me once before, and it reaallly rub my ego the wrong way. A small thorn like her defeating me? Impossible, she cheated."




Cheated? Specter thought, apparently the one time Inu defeated Cherry Noble, ranking up from a nobody to a thron on a villain, was a fluke itself. Some one-time fluke where she harness her power, and gave Cherry a magical bath.




That was it.




And it broke Cherry's Ego to pieces.




"All that stench I built up, the culture I've built. Gone." Cherry looks sad, not a genuine sadness though, more of the dramatic villain type. "But no matter, in the end I defeated her and took over the city. Next I think I'll conquer the neighbouring cities too, and their heroes."




"If they have any, sure." Specter sarcastically replied, " 'nough about that though, how about I let you throw the first hit?"




"Huh?" Cherry's tone changed to a low growl, it felt like he looked down on her, "You've seen what happened with Inu when people underestimate me, don't you?"




"Hey no offense," Specter waves his hands, "But I really need to get this off my chest before it burst." He took a deep breath and flatly said, "Your ass, is pretty thicc."




"Huh?!" Cherry scratched her head, what the fuck is this guy saying. 




"Emphasis on 'pretty'. Not 'very' or 'massive'. A decent 6.3/10."




Cherry feels like her blood is about to boil. "So? What does that have to do with anything?"




"Y'see Cherry, I fought against giantess of different kind. Robots, ogresses, two reality altering clowns and a bunch of other monsters I don't have enough time to name." His gauntlets began to whirred, "And plenty of them, are a lot harder to deal with than you.




And well, they also have big 'ol butts. A pair of booties so soft and supple that they're part of the reason why half the time I had a hard time fighting these guys.




Yours is big sure, but it's also smelly, kind of gross and well. Not very big. So it's pretty easy to beat when I'm not interested in it."




"...Pervert." Cherry snorts, "That's enough talk! Have a taste of my 'Backblast'!!"




Cherry turns around and bends herself, making her ass visible in full view. A small cut was made just between the asscrack that vibrates, launching a bullet- shaped gas that fires to Specter.




Then, she fires another volley, then another, then the third time for overkill as she hears the impact. The sizzle of it's acidic nature melting the metal off.




But when she turns around standing back up, all her bullets missed. It only hits the lampost and the cars that were in sight.




Before she could analyze this, something hit her back. A force so powerful it launches her right towards the car she shot.




"Too Slow~" Specter taunted, "You're gonna have to do better than that."




Cherry clicked her tongue, she leaped off the car, rolls around so her back face Specter again and fire's a heavy spray of fart gas around Specter's, general area. Creating a dense green fog around it. And around herself.




The fog spreads around that Abby, who's been watching the fight, flee as her mask begans to deteriorate. Eventually covering the entire city again, this time on a much smaller scale




Eventually Cherry stood up l, stretching her legs out and scanning the thick foggy landscape, ignoring gust of wind coming from Abby, she smirked with glee.




"Hah, not so smug now, you high and mighty rodent." She sneered, looking proud around herself. Until she realized something began to grab her ass, or rather the small cut on the back of her hazmat suit.




Specter was sewing back the only hole she could squirt her one and only weapons at. As it was also tightly ductaped together.  




Suprised and anxious, Cherry yelled, "W-what the?!? How did? My back!!" She tried reaching for Specter, not realizing her accursed giant buttocks blocked her hands from reaching him altogether. 




Looking at him, she noticed a peculiar mask, unlike the one the harpy wore. Specter wasn't just wearing a gasmask.




It was custom, or more likely, her custom mask. Right to the detail and design.




"No one should have a replica of my mask, how did you get something like that?!" Cherry demand answers, but Specter merely smirked with glee.




"Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?"








Specter grabs her ass, making Cherry squeak. And then proceed to throw her onto the floor, again and again. To the left and to the right, he spins her around and eventually slams her to the ground. Creating a massive crater, knocking Cherry out of the battle.




Specter, rubbing his nose away from the smell (even if he's wearing a mask,) sighs with relief, "And scene."






The General, Specter and the Smartest snail around the world, Flow. Are currently dining in the military dining hall.




It was quite, peacefull and private enough for the three of them to chat, have a meal or two and discuss sensitive topic. Such as, for example.




"The mask, did you make it?" The General ask.




"Is... Is that why you're dragging us both here?" Flow asked deadpanned, looking at Specter.




"Yep. Definitely 100% Right Flow?" He looks at Flow, her deadpanned expression turns to a sour mood.




"Yeah, sure. Whatever. What do you want me to make it or something?" She asked the General.




"If possible, obviously you'll need the material and everything but, I can provide you with anything as my rank could allow, providing you with the necessary funds, in exchange..."








The General has an appetite when it comes to finding relics, machinery, invention and anything unknown into a weapon.




If he's not part of the government, or if he's sense of moral compass were any more askew, he might make a terrifying villain. Collecting anything and make it a tool of war.




Though if it weren't for his resources, Specter and co wouldn't reign freely on the city as heroes, nor would Flow gets her funds for fixing Specter's gadgets or for her own projects.




"You want me to keep this meeting from Vix?" Flow asked Specter, on their way back to their hideout. Riding a UFO. (Got this one when Flow was gambling her gadget against little gray men.)




"Huh? Yeah sure. We'll probably talk about it later if she finds out."




Vix, Specter's partner in crime, and the power source behind his stuff, has a terrible relationship with The General. Mainly on his obsession with turning anything for war purposes.




Abby's already part of The General's roster, a sort of deal between Flow and the General for their cooperation. The deal would've gone worse if the General's ego had been much bigger that day.




Or if Vix continued to antagonize him anymore.




It was a mess Specter would not dare to step in without any sort of protection. Frankly this day was a lot tired with meeting The General for just a private chat rather than fighting Cherry.




"Speaking off, Cherry, the villain you fought. Isn't her ass as big as Vix?" Flow asked him. Small talks so on the way home there's a bit of some sound compared to the awkward quiet-ness.




"Sure is, but boy does she smell. Unlike Vix she barely bathe. Probably just to torment Inu more. 




Hypothetically I could sleep in it the same way as Vix's, but I don't want to be farted all night like that. Y'know." He leans to his chair, stretching himself.




"Hmm. I guess." Flow looks at the mask, the one he's used during the battle. "So, you mind telling me why you wanna hide the fact where you actually got the mask?"




All things began getting quiet again, the usual smug Specter looks melancholic. Conflicted even. "Well... Let's just say, it's personal."

January 13
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