Her Hidden Treasure

“Okay Lili, just you relax, okay?” Ann giggled over her shoulder, her hands slowly snaking into position.


And it didn’t matter what Liko was told, or how much she trusted Ann - despite it all - but the moment her roommate’s prying fingers popped the buttons on her skirt, she immediately clammed up.


Rigid and twitching, she nevertheless watched as Ann’s hand burrowed beneath her skirt, weaving its way under the waistband of her panties.


”It’ll be fine, I promise!” Ann reassured her with a kiss on the neck, and her other hand drifted upwards, cupping itself against her chest.


There was a tiny, splintering sensation as her nipple stiffened from the contact, poking against fabric and ready to play.


”Umm…!” Liko’s lip trembled, and her insecurities defied her as she slowly forced herself to open up. Knees shuffling outwards, and fingers intertwining with the ones on her left boob, she swallowed down something sickly.


And Ann wasted no time exploring. Delving deeper between Liko’s thighs, she ran a talented index finger along the tiny, wet crevice at their apex.


A little dark tuft of hair tickled Ann’s palm as she introduced her fingers to Liko’s pussy, slowly stroking the silky flesh. Slippery with anticipation, she curled a finger into Liko’s depths, where a tiny squelch welcomed her probing digits, and Liko reared forward in response.


”Hmm?” Ann bit her lip, massaging the teen’s mound as her fingers explored. Wet, sweet and musky, conditions were prime for two girls to relieve some stress together. 

And with that in mind, Ann removed her fingers. Liko mewled in response - disappointment, dare she say? - but that disappointment soon turned to a grimace as the same hand cupped her cheek, smearing her own juices everywhere. 

“Now, don’t you go anywhere, huh?” Ann purred into her ear. “I’m just gonna get some… supplies. In the meantime, how ‘bout you take off those panties? They’re so restricting…”


With a grin and a wink, Ann peeled herself from around Liko, and staggered over to the restroom, where she promptly began clattering about.


Meanwhile Liko was just sat there. Half akimbo, sticky with sweat and other fluids, some of which were uncomfortably close to her face.


She was no expert with these things, but surely leaving someone cold after getting them started was a bad idea?


Whatever she had planned must’ve been great, Liko muttered internally…

February 10
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