Favor for a Friend

A Sexual Experiment

(cw: 2nd person, Ambiguous/reader, ambiguous genders, gentle, accidental entrapment, endo, mouthplay, object vore, cock content, non-fatal, sounding, cock-insertion / cock-vore)



"...You want to what?"


Your jaw hung open in shock. Did they… did they really just ask you that? Your friend stood high above your minuscule form, awkwardly blushing in embarrassment, awkwardly pressing their index fingers together as a silence hung in the air.


"Well… it's just- look. You're the only shrunken person that I know who I even remotely feel comfortable asking so… no I should- I shouldn't've even asked- I’m sorry I… I…"


You two have been friends for a long time. In fact, they were the only one of your friends that stuck around and still treated you like a person after you shrunk. It was safe to say that they were, without a doubt, your best friend in the whole world and, based on what they just asked you, you were likely theirs. If you were to trust anyone with something like this it would be them, but… still it was so… sudden.


"And… and this would be safe?"


Your friend's heart skipped a beat. Their eyes widened in a mix of disbelief and excitement that you were even entertaining moving this conversation forward at all. They practically shouted at you as they responded, practically bursting at the seams with surprised enthusiasm.


"You- YES! Yes it's absolutely, 100%, without a doubt in my mind, safe. I've done a ton of… *ahem* uh… research."


You weren't exactly sure the way they said that filled you with confidence but…


"Okaaaay, and… and this is something that you reeeally want to do? Like, something you really want to do?"


Your friend moved so fast that it startled you. They squatted down so that their face was level with the table you were standing on. Their cheeks had been growing more flushed as your conversation continued.


"GOD YES- I mean, *ahem*, yes. Yes, this is absolutely something I've dreamed of doing! It’s one of my biggest fantasies."


Your friend was practically drooling, if this were a cartoon they’d have heart shaped pupils! It seemed like this was something they legitimately wanted, something they dreamed about doing. You, however, had one more question you needed to ask. Your self conscious tendencies were clawing at the back of your mind, you needed to know. You looked down at the table’s surface, unable to look your friend in the eye as you asked your next question.


"And… am… am I just the most convenient shrunken person you know? Is that why you’re asking me?"


Your friend's face shifted suddenly, their heart dropped and it felt like they’d been punched in the gut. They looked distraught, concerned, and even slightly offended at your implication; their eyebrows furrowed and a frown stretched on their face.


"W-what? No. No! This is… more than a little private… I couldn't- I wouldn’t do this with just anyone. I need someone I can trust, someone I feel comfortable with and someone I feel… well someone like you…"


Your heart pounded, and, though none made their way to your cheeks, tears began to well in your eyes. You could tell that they meant what they said — That they didn't want just some tiny — they wanted to do this with you…. You felt a complicated mix of emotions at this realization. You felt flattered, you felt…wanted… You felt like- like you wanted to do this.


"You swear?"


"I swear."


After yet another moment of awkward, emotionally charged silence between you, you let out a long sigh to compose yourself, and nodded.




Your friend's blush resurfaced, and a giddy smile crept onto their face. They thought surely that this couldn’t actually be happening.




You nod your head again in affirmation.


"Okay, I'm in. Let's do this!"


Your world became a blur as you were suddenly plucked from your position on the table. Your friend was so excited that they’d forgotten the polite way to handle shrinkees like you. Softness enveloped you as your friend brought you to their face, kissing you multiple times. Your face pressed against the wall of their plush lips over and over, the smooching sound only adding to your hazy senses. It was more motion than you were used to, you were thankful that you managed to keep your lunch down.


"Thank you thank you thank yooooouuuu! You're the best!"


Still dizzy from the affectionate assault you were again moved quickly as they jumped onto the nearby bed with you in hand. You were plopped onto the soft comforter, landing between their legs. Their jean-clad thighs towered over you, forming a shapely, denim canyon with a rapidly stiffening bulge at its center. The hidden member stretched the tight pants to the point you could hear the fabric straining to contain it. As you regained your balance, you gazed up at your friend and saw an unfamiliar expression of lust on their face as they bit their lip, and glaring down at you with intensity.


"You still sure about this?~"


They seemingly held their breath in anticipation. Your own face too was red at this point as your mind began to accept that this was all actually happening and it wasn't some dream you were having. Though still slightly unsure and uneasy about the situation, you were determined to see it through. Without saying a word you simply nodded, your confirmation eliciting a squeal like noise from your horny giant friend..


"Fuck yes!~"


They reached down for you, their already clammy hand bringing you up to their face once more. Your friend’s hot as they huffed, already nearing peak arousal.


"I think we should get a little… warmed up before the main event don't you?"


No sooner had those words left their mouth, their face lit up with a playful expression. You could practically see the light bulb go off behind their horny eyes.


"Oh I know! Do you remember how I could tie a knot in a cherry stem with my mouth?"


Without waiting for your response and before your brain could finish connecting the dots, they opened their mouth and abruptly tossed you in like a piece of candy. You landed face down on their tongue with a wet splat as their lips sealed you in.




Their deafening moan of pleasure echoed around you as their massive tongue flexed and shifted underneath you, reacting to your presence. You'd only been inside of a mouth once before and, honestly, it kind of terrified you. You kept reminding yourself that you could trust your friend and tried to keep an open mind. Suddenly you were pressed up against the roof of their mouth, the tongue below you squishing itself around your body. You were poked, prodded and rolled around by the massive muscle. Your friend's giggles overwhelmed your sense of hearing while you were sucked on and swished around. The soft muscle pressed against your body in a way that… wasn’t exactly unpleasant. They must have been chewing gum not long before talking to you because as their saliva made its way into your mouth you could taste a faint, sweet watermelon flavor. 


Eventually, your surroundings shifted as you were spat out into their awaiting palm. Gasping for air that didn’t taste like your friend's breath, you looked up to see them winking at you, sticking out their tongue. On their tongue laid… your clothes!? Looking down at yourself you saw that you were now completely naked, your bare skin on full display. Your friend had somehow completely undressed you with just their mouth. You honestly felt a bit humiliated at the thought, but you had to admit that it was bizarrely hot how…effortlessly they had just stripped you.


"Tha dtaaaa~"


Your friend plucked your clothes off of their tongue, amusingly making a face similar to the one someone might make when getting a hair out of their mouth,  and began to place them on the nightstand near the bed.


*hack cough*


They grabbed their neck in surprise, their eyes wide as an audible ‘gulp’ could be heard, before looking at you, a bit embarrassed.


"I um…I think I owe you some new shoes. Sorry about that..."


Your eyes moved down their neck towards their collarbone, imagining the journey that your shoes must be on inside such a massive being. As your gaze moved lower, you realized that your friend had undressed themselves as well! They must have taken their clothes off while you were in their mouth. It'd been a long time since you had been naked with someone else. It was hard to look away, your eyes drifted around their enormous, bare body, leisurely taking a tour of their features. Your eyes eventually met once more, it seemed that your friend was just doing the same to you. It was clear that you two were having a moment. The sexual tension was heavy, you could practically feel it in the air. Two close friends, completely naked, about to experiment with something neither of you had done. Your faces flushed seemingly in tandem and your mutual lust rose.


"It's time for the main event, I think."


With that as their warning, they dropped you. You fell downward, landing with a soft thud onto their body. After getting your bearings your heartbeat quickened and your eyes widened. You were laying on their exposed, rapidly hardening cock. Your presence must have pleased your friend because the monolithic member flexed and bobbed underneath you, stiffening further with each bounce. You could feel their heartbeat pulsing underneath your body as your position rose. At normal size, their unit would be considered fairly impressive, but to you it was a beast, a monster even. Suddenly a thick, room temperature liquid was poured onto you, drenching your naked body. Wiping what you could of the slime-like liquid off your face and pushing your hair back, you looked up to see your friend having just finished squeezing a packet of clear lube onto you and their cock. Tossing the empty packet aside they bit their lip and quickly brought their hand down towards you.




Bracing for them to pick you up again, you were slightly surprised when they instead pushed you flat down into the soft, warm, lube covered dick skin below you.




Caught between their palm and their cock, you were dragged up and down as they slowly stroked themselves. It felt like you were on a hot, sexy slip and slide. You were afraid, intimidated, and honestly turned on beyond belief. As your trusted friend continued to pump their pulsing member, the slick skin on skin contact rubbed your body in all the right ways. You then felt cool air touch your body as they lifted their hand away, with you stuck to the center of their palm. You laid there sprawled out, looking up at their face. You were both breathing heavily, built up and needed release. This time, feeling confident, you spoke first.


"So, you ready to make your dreams come true, High-Rise?"


Though they chuckled at your attempt at a sexy nickname, your teasing pushed them over the edge, you felt their body quiver slightly.


"Unng, fuck yes!"


The show was truly about to begin. No more words were needed as they hefted their cock straight up with one hand, and gently placed you on their tip with the other. You glanced up at them for a brief moment before approaching the hungry cockslit nearby. You nervously looked at it as a bit pre-cum oozed out. Unsure how to proceed, you looked up at your friend, who was turned on beyond belief that any of this was happening at all, for guidance.


"Just…start with your legs… go slow…"


Simply nodding in response, you sat near the mouth of the beast and slowly put both your feet into it, feeling the damp warmness creep up your ankles. 




Your friend moaned as you began to enter them. Taking that as the go ahead to continue, you scooted forward and "stood up" sinking slowly, the warm shaft taking you in up to your hips.


 "OOOoooOooh f-f-fuuck."


You could feel the enormous cock twitch and squeeze your lower half as it swallowed you. It flexed, and with that small movement it seemed to yank you down deeper into its depths.


"P-P-Put- Put your arms down!"


Your friend spoke between breaths, they seemed like they were in ecstasy. You looked down at your body, seeing it vanish into the cock-slit. Deep down you were still unsure about this, worried about the logistics of being used as a sounding toy and more than a little terrified at the thought of being inside of another person, but at this point you felt like you owed it to yourself, and your friend, to see it through. Following instructions, you placed your arms at your side, allowing your body to slide a bit deeper.


"Oh YES. Okay. O-okay, here we go….Nnnggguuh!~"


Your friend pinched your shoulders between their fingers and began to move you up and down. You kept your body as straight as you could as they used you as a living sounding rod, being pulled in and out of the cock head as precum oozed up around you.




With one final push you sunk deeper than you had before, the heat of the cock consuming you until only your head was sticking out of its greedy slit. They let go of you and their cock, allowing it to stand freely as they savored the sensation of your presence within them. Their dick bobbed and flexed, twitching at your slightest movements in profound pleasure. It was hard to describe the feeling of their urethra tightening around your body, the hot inner flesh compressing and squeezing you with each minor movement.


"Oh my FUCKING goooood!~ You- you have no idea how good this feels! I… I can't take it anymore! Get ready!~ I need- I need-"


Their thumb suddenly encompassed your vision. This was it. You braced yourself as their thumb pressed down, applying pressure on your head and pushing you completely inside their cock-slit. Aside from the small, barely noticeable bulge your body created, it would be impossible to tell that you were hidden completely, swallowed by your friend’s dick.


"OoooooOoh m-my GooOOOood haahaaa!~"


The environment inside their cock was hot, humid, and slimy. The fleshy walls surrounding you felt pleasant on your body and you continued to descend. Your hesitation from earlier had all but vanished and been replaced with raw lust. You managed to maneuver your arms within the tight space and get your hands to your privates. Listening to the muffled moans of your friend, you began to pleasure yourself, deciding to give in and enjoy the ride. Meanwhile, your friend wrapped their hand around their throbbing phallus and began to jack themselves off, squirming from the intense pleasure that your small body provided. They could feel the small, but noticeable, bump that you created on the underside of their penis. Pressing slightly on you, they found that they could move you up and down the inside of their shaft — much to their pleasure.


"Oh- my- god-!"


Your world was rocked as they slid you up and down. The experience was intense. You could literally feel their heart beat through the warm walls around you as they pumped their cock in their hands. Their pace began to speed up, and you could feel the walls of their cock begin to constrict and tighten. You braced yourself for the inevitable climax that was coming.




They squeezed their cock as they orgasmed. Their middle finger pushed down on you, slowly working you down their length as cum spewed from their cock head in quick bursts and into the air. Arching their back, their entire body spasmed, with one final push they felt you disappear past the base of their shaft and they let go, letting their beast twitch and pulse freely, oozing the rest of their load out onto their abdomen. When it was all said and done they laid motionless on the bed, their body seemingly hypersensitive all over as their chest fell up and down heavily.


The experience for you was even more intense. A firm pressure forced you downwards, deeper down the seemingly never ending tunnel that was the inside of your friend's urethra as you yourself orgasmed, your body spasming and squirming as much as the tight quarters allowed. At the same time, the tunnel tightened and constricted as a flood of semen flowed past you at an unbelievable speed. If not for the pressure moving you downwards, you surely would have been taken by the current and shot from the giant member like a ball from a cannon. Deeper you went; it felt like you were being forced the wrong way through a water slide. The pressure eventually stopped, as did the torrent of cum, but you seemed to still somehow be continuing downwards, or maybe inwards? Well past the base of their cock at this point, your friend's body continued to draw you in deeper into its depths…


"That *huff*- that was so much better than I… than I could have EVER imagined… Thank you so much…"


Your friend laid there for what felt like hours, but what in reality was only a few minutes, simply basking in the afterglow of your shared sexual experiment. Eventually, after finally regaining control of their motor functions and allowing their post nut clarity to take hold, they reached down with the intention of working you out of their shaft. But after running up and down their length a few times, squeezing to make sure, they realized that they could no longer feel you with their hand.


"What the…where did you…go?"


Sitting up confused, they looked around on the bed, and the pool of cum on their lower tummy but saw no sign of your tiny body. Then, they felt you squirming… somewhere inside of them. Far deeper than anything they've tried before, a deep but very pleasant tickling. It was at that moment a thought popped into their head and they muttered it aloud to themselves.


"Oh fuck… How… How do I get you out?"


Luckily, you didn't hear them. As far as you knew, everything was still going according to plan. Still extremely horny, you began to pleasure yourself once more, enjoying the sensation of being a living cock toy for your friend while it lasted. You had no idea that your shared moment of sexy fun and experimentation had become… complicated…

October 22, 2023
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