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In the not too distant future, transformation technology has been cracked by a team working for the dating app Tinder. After developing a separate app, they introduced it to the world to widespread praise, soon the app was on nearly every man and woman's phone and transforming was the norm in day to day life. The way the app worked was the person wanting to be transformed would either set what they wanted to change into to their profile, or search over those looking for transformed individuals 'wish lists' where they listed out items that they wanted.

Intense lobbying from the app lead to pretty much no liability on their behalf when it came to users not returning the people turned objects so the risk in becoming something was great, but nevertheless people both young and old flocked online to the new trend. There were cruel people out there who loved more than anything else trapping people into objects and keeping them forever, or even those out there who had developed a taste for food made out of transformed people, due to the invulnerability of the objects, only transferring their conscious to some place on the consumer's body.

In this world, almost anything could happen, and you are a participating member of this new society forged on the backbone of Transformation Tinder.


1. No Children.

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Chapter 1
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