You woke up groggily, feeling the summer heat hitting you right away. It was strange, you apparently took a nap yet didn’t feel like you rested much. You then realized that you were sitting on a large stone surface, bigger than anything you knew. You scratched your head in wonder, feeling mildly disoriented.


You looked around, trying to find anything you could recognize. There was so much open space around, distances seemed far too great and things got blurrier farther away into the horizon but what your eyes saw, your brain couldn’t fully process. It almost seemed as if you were on a bench somewhere on the school’s garden-like yard, magnified hundreds if not thousands of times.


At that moment, your surroundings abruptly got dark, the sun’s scorching light blocked as a shadow was cast over yourself and a good portion of the bench. Instinctively, you turned around and much to your shock and surprise, a gigantic feminine figure stood before you. You stepped back in fearful reflex as your eyes and hands twitched in disbelief. It would take you several more seconds to actually recognize this person.


Her name is Monique and you weren’t even entirely sure what to consider her, far too close not to be an acquaintance but you didn’t hang out with her nearly as much as with your friends proper, but you saw her somewhat consistently at school and chatted with her quite a few times, by this point you’d known her for about 3 years or so.


A pretty brunette with rather short hair, deep brown eyes and a slight tan, as well as possessing a very thick build and even a bit of chub, of which she was always self-conscious about, sporting modestly sized breasts, a slightly pudgy tummy that honestly didn’t detract from her beauty and wide hips with massive thighs to match, a necessity since the largest feature on her body was none other than an absolutely enormous butt, that being what she tried to get rid of the most by working out a lot, yet none of the pudge on her body appeared to cede even a little bit.


Her sheer size nearly overwhelmed your mind. Making a very rough estimation, you must’ve been a quarter of an inch tall at most compared to her. She was looking down at you and smiling, not the reaction you’d expect… unless she mistook you for something else like, say, some strange bug or a toy. However, those doubts were dashed when she spoke.


“Hey” She greeted you rather cheerfully.


“Hey, what’s up?” You asked, trying to keep a straight face but there was a hint of a shakiness in your voice.


“Had a good nap?” She then asked, giving you an expectant look.


“Well… I’m more worried about whatever the hell happened to me” You said, laughing awkwardly, trying to ease your own nerves “Do you know by any chance what happened?”


“Oh” Monique then had a thoughtful look for a moment “Emily said this would happen” she said.


“Wait, what?!” Now you were concerned. If Emily was somehow involved in this it couldn’t have been for anything good.


“Yeah, she told me you went to ask for her help because you wanted to have fun with this big, fat booty of mine” Monique giggled, slapping her largest asset, making for quite the thunderous, meaty THWACK that gave you a hint of that thing’s sheer size, a thought that made you gulp nervously. Emily’s blatant lie was even more concerning though…


“I mean, all you had to do was to ask me out and I would’ve been glad to let you indulge” She said with a nonchalant shrug “You really didn’t have to try so hard just to have some fun with this thing” She giggled, bringing you closer to her lips.


“But I’m really flattered” She whispered “It’s really brave of you, getting Emily to shrink you like this and getting up close and personal with my ass right after PE of all classes”


Upon hearing those words, every single little hair on your arms or the back of your neck stood on end. You weren’t sure if she was completely aware of it, but Monique had a serious sweating problem and a lot of it collected in her huge ass indeed. You could already see what Emily’s plans entailed pretty much, but the sheer shock of the realization itself kept you frozen, with the words stuck in your throat.


“I honestly didn’t think anyone found these big, sweaty slabs of fat attractive at all” She confessed.


It was true that along with her rather chubby physique, her plus-sized derriere caused her to be quite self-conscious, and several times in the past you’d tried to cheer her up about it if you happened to be nearby when she talked about it, or when she looked particularly sad. But never did you imagine life would find a way to punish these actions.


“But as I thought about it, it made sense” Monique giggled again “I appreciate that you were a gentleman about it” She teased you “But you could’ve just told me… I mean, if you like them that much, I guess I don’t mind them being all yours” She almost purred as she said the latter part, making you blush because of her seductive tone, but her words themselves struck fear deep into your heart. You certainly didn’t like where this was going…


Catching you by surprise, Monique brought you closer to her lips to give you the literal biggest kiss you’d ever gotten. At your current size, they were like bus-sized plump, fleshy pillows with a bit of a rubbery touch and a bit of moisture. They enveloped you into their warm embrace for a moment before they let go and you heard more of her giggling which was admittedly rather cute.


“I gotta admit this is the most original way someone’s asked me out” She then said with a bright smile and at that moment you realized of something that hadn’t even crossed your mind: Emily’s deception aside, Monique herself appeared to have believed in earnest that you liked her and had asked her out.


The big question was: Should you tell her the truth and break her heart? What was even the truth? You hadn’t thought of asking her out, yeah but your love life was in a pretty awkward place, with your two closest friends being the main source and target of your unresolved feelings, and even after all these years you really hadn’t gotten anywhere with either. Was it really worth it to throw this a way for the sake of a chance you didn’t even know for sure you had?


Not to mention that you did find Monique quite attractive yourself, and she was someone you could talk to without issue. Maybe you could work things out once you solved your current predicament.


“Ready?” Monique asked, snapping you out of your train of thought and if she said anything important prior to this, you missed it for sure.


“Huh? Ready… for what?” You asked worriedly but all you got in response was some more of her cute giggling as her fingers began lowering you down.


You couldn’t help but look down and saw that her chest was now impressive, her boobs were easily larger than most buildings you knew. Other than her being so hot and sweaty coming practically straight out of PE, that wouldn’t be so bad. Still, you felt something akin to a cloud of steam as you passed by, with a strong hint of salt to its scent. Was that her evaporating sweat? Your eyes widened a little at the possibility.


But no, she kept lowering you down and you got to her tummy’s level. Its size was impressive as well but it still looked oddly cute to you, even with all her exercising it just had a bit of pudge that made it slightly round and look really soft. Her belly button surprised you; it was most definitely the size of a small cave to you. Come to think of it, despite being self-conscious about it she wore a shirt that showed it? Then again, you saw that said shirt was clinging to her most likely due to her copious sweat, so maybe it wasn’t intentional?


Monique’s hand went a bit lower, below her waist’s level and this is where you began to get even more worried for real. She was wearing some ridiculously ill-fitting booty shorts that left very little to the imagination from how much they clung to her. Was she going to stick you down there? You didn’t want to imagine how wet everything would be with all that sweat together with other fluids best not described in too much detail.


She then brought you around her waist and you remembered what she had been saying first. If your arms weren’t pinned by her fingertips, you would’ve slapped yourself hard enough to hurt for not noticing any sooner. Nothing could prepare you for the view that you were shown: Monique’s gigantic ass, easily one of the biggest in the entire school now looked like a pair of twin mountains, albeit nearly perfectly round ones.


Those titanic fleshy globes were clad in fabric so tight that it looked like it was spray-painted on, or one bad move away from bursting into shreds. How she could pack all that into those tiny shorts could very well be a Physics mystery in its own right but you had far bigger things to worry about. Using her free hand, she pulled those shorts back, revealing a deep, dark abyss that had little to envy from the likes of the Grand Canyon. It was dark enough that you couldn’t even see where it ended, looking at it as you were being dangled above made for quite the ominous image that sent cold chills down your spine.


Looking up, you saw that she was also wearing a surprisingly skimpy black thong that seemed to be thoroughly soaked. As if sensing this, she giggled briefly and also pulled the thong’s waistband back. You felt as if steam from a sauna rose from those dark depths and it engulfed you, the smell of salt was even stronger but unlike the wafts you got before, there was more of a reek to this one.


‘Well, this is her butt, of course it smells worse!’ You thought, annoyed at your own slow-wittedness.


“Ooh, so you really like it!” Monique then said, once again snapping you out of your thoughts. As far as she knew, you had been staring intently at her huge butt for the last few minutes. She was clearly giddy about this, and who knows how many more lies Emily fed her for her to believe that you’d want this.


“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll make sure you enjoy everything I can offer” She said, lowering you down towards her canyon-esque buttcrack “And don’t worry about me, I’m sure I’ll have fun too”


With that, her fingertips released their grip on you, letting you plummet down the yawning abyss, the deep, dark deadly chasm below. Somehow, it felt like it was actually hungry, its monstrous appetite only to be satisfied by a poor, unfortunate soul that happened to get thrown into it. You fell down for what felt like hundreds of meters, seeing your surroundings grow warmer and darker as you made your unwilling entry. You even had to close your eyes because the saltiness of this supposed “steam” was beginning to sting.


However, you were caught off-guard by the fact that you landed with a splash, plunging down into what felt like a massive pool at first but as you fell even deeper under”water”, its scale was more like that of a sea in its own right. You quickly swam up to the surface, the sheer saltiness of this liquid stung your eyes and some got into your mouth but you were lucky enough not to swallow any of it.


‘Holy crap! Is this really how much sweat she’s got back there?!’ You thought, knowing that you needed to get out “Hey, Monique, wait!” You tried to shout but it didn’t seem like she heard you. Your new self-contained world suddenly went dark and it shook, as if there was a massive earthquake and you heard a loud noise that must have been from her shorts snapping back into place.


It was near pitch black darkness, although there was just the faintest hint of light that let you see vague shapes around you, not that it was of much help, as you found yourself stranded in the middle of a freaking sea’s worth of reeking booty sweat, with two utterly gigantic asscheeks serving as the colossal meaty walls that kept this horrid world contained.


‘Wow, he dove right in. I thought Emily was exaggerating when she said he wanted to take a swim back there’ Monique thought, standing still, feeling goosebumps forming all over her arms and the back of her neck. There was no denying it, once presented with the prospect that there was actually someone out there who liked her, and liked her body even along with the things she didn’t like herself, she couldn’t help but feel intensely warm and fuzzy inside.


She had some conflicted feelings, as her bestie, a girl called Veronica, had been the one who had set her sights on you and while Monique didn’t want to betray her, she didn’t see anything wrong since this was of your own accord and it was honestly in her view a chance too good to pass up. It might strain things for a while but she would talk to her as soon as possible to come clean about the current state of things.


Looking down from over her shoulders, getting a glimpse of her huge butt, she smiled, trying to picture her tiny boyfriend having the time of his life swimming in her makeshift “pool”, unaware that “ocean” would’ve hit closer to the mark when it came to describing the sheer size of the sweat that collected in her crack.


Meanwhile, you couldn’t be farther from what she was imagining, forced to swim in this hellish sea with no “shore” in view. At least, it felt a bit easier to stay afloat in here than in ordinary pool water, or even seawater if you recalled correctly. Was it because of the salt? You remembered reading something about the Dead Sea making it easy to float on precisely because of how salty it was. The fact that someone’s sweat could be compared to that made you shudder, but then again, humans weren’t meant to be shrunken to a quarter of an inch tall. Where the hell did Emily get her hands on something to make it work?


“Having fun?” Monique asked and gave her hips a playful wiggle. Among the things about her butt that you supposedly liked, she’d been told that you loved how fat and jiggly it is so she figured that you’d enjoy it if she gave it a few shakes.


There was no way that she would’ve heard your answer, with countless tons of doughy, fatty and fleshy mass surrounding you but you did hear her muffled voice just fine, followed by a tremendous quake, the entire “sea” of sweat shifted from side to side as if obeying some mad tides, forcing you to swim along. Enormous waves arose and pushed you underwater for a few moments but you were able to escape back to the surface quickly enough.


Monique smiled but then a thought crossed her mind. She knew you were somewhere in the sweat that pooled in her crack but she couldn’t feel exactly where you were. She was curious about feeling your tiny body in such a deep, sensitive area of her body and decided to wiggle her hips a few more times, this time more sharply to see if she could feel you bouncing in between her massive cheeks.


Just when everything appeared to have calmed down, you felt as if the entire world suddenly decided to shift from one side to the other, creating authentic, tsunami-sized waves of hot sweat that rushed towards you. Panicking, you took as deep a breath as you could, held it and braced as best as you could for the impact. It was like being smacked by a giant’s hand, although one much smaller than the one who held you captive in her big booty.


Things became a blur for you and you only snapped back to reality, smacking face-first into a massive gelatinous wall that quivered at your touch but that only lasted for so long as the large volume of sweat that had shifted from side to side so abruptly came rushing back, reclaiming your defenseless body.


Monique couldn’t help but blush when she felt a distinctly solid but very small thing smack into the inner side of her left buttcheek. Feeling even more excited than before, she clenched her ass to get yet a better feel of you back there and used her hands to gently knead and rub them together, figuring that you were loving all this treatment. A few moans escaped her as she did this.


To you, it was as if two worlds collided, both immense, doughy masses closed in on you and engulfed you with their overwhelming bulk. Thankfully, they proved too soft and squishy to do any real damage but their enormous weight kept you pinned, immobilizing you.


Then these ginormous fleshy globes rubbed into each other, as if trying to squish you, quivering while at it. You had no idea what Monique was doing at this point, but when you heard her muffled moans, you figured that she was enjoying this herself and that the most plausible explanation was that this was yet another of Emily’s twisted ideas that she managed to convince her of. You didn’t even know what her problem was with you, as far as you could tell you hadn’t done anything to her.


Eventually, Monique’s gargantuan glutes stopped pressing into you and released you, letting you fall back down into her horrid sea. Your limbs felt as if they had fallen asleep after being pressed so strongly even if it wasn’t for such a long time, making swimming to keep afloat even harder than before. For someone rather average at PE, you were holding your own remarkably well but it was too bad that you wouldn’t get a good mark from this. Then again, your prize here would be survival, probably way more important than mere grades, right?


Your ”girlfriend” was already thinking of more ways to have fun with you, but her own train of thought was interrupted by a rumble in her stomach. She had almost forgotten about it, even though both Veronica and Emily always made a big deal out of it. They always looked forward to the school’s Taco Tuesdays since the lunch lady was actually pretty good at making those dishes, much to the trio’s delight.


Monique had even been slightly worried about this herself when Emily discussed with her the idea of her tiny, shrunken lover rooting around in her largest assets, only to be told by the malicious blonde that it was yet another thing you were into, but had been too embarrassed to tell yourself.


‘I meant to try that later, when we got home but, oh well’ She thought, shrugging nonchalantly, feeling secure with the knowledge that her boyfriend would love what was coming next. Her gut bubbled and groaned surprisingly loudly, telling of many large bubbles that were eagerly rushing their way down, merging into each other and making the swirling gas they contained even more pressurized.


By repeatedly using your half-asleep limbs to swim around, you managed to reawaken them but you were still in a pretty bad situation, trapped in Monique’s humongous ass until she decided to release you, her enormous cheeks were slick with sweat and even if they weren’t, they were probably far too big for you to try climbing out of. Just a couple of wiggles and her messing around with her sizable behind had already proven to feel like cataclysmic disasters, you weren’t sure how much longer you’d be able to hold on.


But then, as if some deity up there wanted to spite you even further, you began to hear a deep, low but ominous-sounding rumbling. Like the snarling of some unknown sea-borne abomination, its mighty vibrations made the sweaty sea you were in ripple.


‘The hell is that?!’ You thought, feeling that the vibrations, as well as the gurgling, groaning noises were progressively growing louder and louder. The sheer bassy soundwaves from those menacing rumbles passed through you, making you shudder from how unnatural it felt.


As you heard even more of those noises, sounding even more like the growling of a caged Eldritch abomination, anxious to escape to rip apart whatever was unlucky enough to be in its path, your heart sank, finally understanding what was about to happen.


“Wait, what the hell?!” You thought aloud, earning a few mouthfuls of nasty booty sweat for your outburst. The noises kept intensifying, much to your horror.


‘Come on… there’s no way… there’s no way she’d do that when I’m right here, right?’ You thought as your heart began pounding harder, becoming overtaken by an unnaturally ominous feeling of impending doom. You gulped, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Just as before, all you could do was take a deep breath and wince, trying your best to brace for the coming impact.


A gigantic blast that would be best described as something akin to a nuclear bomb erupted from the dark depths of Monique’s canyon-esque buttcrack, making a deafening, thunderous roar that made her titanic cheeks clap, adding their powerful booms to the disastrous cacophony that ensued. An absolutely monstrous torrent of hot, swirling highly pressurized gases blew with untold force, effortlessly sending the entirety of the sweaty sea away, picking you up like a pebble by a tornado, or more like a hurricane.


You felt as if your skin got scorched by the intense heat from those fermented winds, though thankfully it was only a feeling, you didn’t seem to get actually burnt. Unfortunately, your nose wasn’t spared, as the thick, heavy stench immediately forced itself into your nostrils, making them feel as if they were set ablaze, instantly making you cough and gag while you spun aimlessly, pushed by the overbearingly strong gale winds that Monique’s body expelled.


Monique’s enormous fart’s loud reverberations made every single bone in your skeleton rattle while you were sent flying at incredible speeds until you got slammed into a taut, moist wall of fabric, this had to be her thong. Even with all this chaos overwhelming all of your senses, you managed to cling onto this giant wall of cloth for dear life while her vicious hurricane kept blowing, feeling like it lasted for hours though in reality it was only about 10 seconds.


“Phew, that was bigger than I meant” Monique laughed, giving her huge booty a playful pat. She didn’t fully understand how you enjoyed that, but she knew people had their kinks and she wasn’t about to judge “Get ready sweetheart ‘cause there’s a lot more where that came from” She giggled and, feeling extra naughty, she grabbed her thong by the waistband and yanked it up, wedging it as deep as it could go in between her massive cheeks, trying to give her tiny beloved the best possible seat for the “show” that was about to unfold.


You could only let out a muffled scream when out of nowhere, Monique’s thong began to get dragged, digging deeper into her enormous crack… Would you be able to make it out in one piece?

June 17, 2023
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