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Stories that take place in Tiny World, where a mysterious disease has infected humanity, shrinking men down to no more than 1” in height. Many women remain unaffected, or can benefit from experimental pharmaceutical cures to grow themselves back, but no such cure exists for men. The unlucky shrunken majority who remain unable to afford or benefit from size treatment have been dubbed "tinies." Although their bodies remain physically durable, as if made of rubber, tinies lead lives of extreme inconvenience and constant frustration thanks to the clumsy and uncaring full-sized women around them.
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My biggest and most ambitious writing project, an interactive story created on October 2020 at, still going strong to this day. Intended as a spiritual successor to TinyMan0001's stories, now defunct. Most of its content is kept in the original interactive but there might be a few additional related items, and there is even a loosely connected spinoff story.
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